SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Videos Every Realtor Should Create In 2019

SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Videos Every Realtor Should Create In 2019

Watch this and learn what videos every Realtor should create in 2019 to sell more houses!

If you’re a real estate agent – or any business owner for that matter – should you be creating video? Not even a question. If you’re not creating content, start now. In this video I’ll share some video tips and tricks for real estate marketing, or any video marketing – that can propel your business to the next level.

Video should be at the top of your list for marketing for real estate business. There is no better way to get your name out there in real estate. These are the real estate marketing ideas you’re looking for. You for sure want to be “The YouTube Real Estate Agent”!

In this video, I talk about Karin Carr, and tell you how she is crushing it using video on YouTube.

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What do YOU think the videos every realtor should create in 2019 are?

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17 thoughts on “SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Videos Every Realtor Should Create In 2019

  1. Hey Trevor, I have made progress with Facebook Subtitle or Captions…but what about for you youtube videos? Is there a faster way? in FCP X you can't move it above a lower thirds graphic…so it overlaps. Whereas if I were to look at Chantel Ray… hers are ideally set up to stay above the graphic and then drops to the bottom of screen after the graphic disappears…What do you recommend for this?

  2. I've been creating Business of the Week videos since last September, but idk…sometimes I feel like they are lame and no one watches them. Also, I do monthly market updates, which btw I am going to modify and follow your steps. Before I saw your approach I thought I supposed to look professional and god forbid I step outside the "norm". Also, I make (not too many of those yet) behind the scenes, It takes a village (talking to lender and other professionals).

  3. Hey Trevor, as a former RE/MAX agent…I recently joined the ever exploding eXp Realty brand… looking for ways to finally do video. Thanks to Joshua Smith GSD, very impressed with the powerful information you just shared. I am diving in…and absolutely stoked! Thank you

  4. This a great content thank you. I started to do some videos when I do photoshoot for my new listing, etc. When you create your first video and like Karin says I create video on how to …. but I don't have any of those 🙂 should i put smth like: follow me on my new content? Thanks again

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