SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Top 6 Business Expenses You're Going To Have To Pay For As A New Agent

SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Top 6 Business Expenses You're Going To Have To Pay For As A New Agent

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I consider all Real Estate Agents & Brokers to be Entrepreneurs. Yet most Agents/Brokers do not operate as “Business Owners” and tend to operate from the “Employee” mindset trying to invest as little into their business as possible thus yielding little return.

In this video I cover what I consider to be the Top 6 Business Expenses.

1:19 1) MLS Access.
2:44 2) SUPRA Key
3:46 3) Digital Signatures such as Docusign (, Digital Signature
( or Adobe PDF E-Signatures.
4:44 4) Open House Signs
5:51 5) WordPress Website
7:55 6) Always Be Learning.

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For the last 20 years, I worked as a Real Estate Broker and 10 years ago started my own Brokerage of 150 Real Estate Agents that was featured on the Inc 5000 List twice. In order to stay relevant, I adapted to the market and learned an entirely new career in Digital Marketing including SEO & Social Media marketing. I ranked all 5 of my companies on the first page of Google. Then I ranked my wife’s personal training business. Then I taught my agents how to rank. I can do the same for you OR I can teach you how to do it.

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