SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate SEO – Google Local Results Changes For Agents

SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate SEO – Google Local Results Changes For Agents

From: Dave Keys Real Estate SEO Expert. Real Estate Marketing Online: Today we’re looking at some of the biggest Google online visibility news for real estate agents in well over a year. Google has apparently shifted back to previous levels of visibility for real estate agents in local search business and map listings.
Now, wherever you may search, you’re most likely to find local results for “real estate agents” searches
and realtor searches
and very often for “real estate” searches too.
Searches for “homes for sale” tend to deliver standard organic results with Zillow and Trulia leading the organic lineup in most markets.
Over the weekend results began appearing and by now, if things remain in place, after well over a year, the ability to benefit from local results is once again available to the local real estate business online.
If you want to see where you stand for a local search and you’re not on the 7 or 3 pack, click the “Map results for link”
and see where you show up in the map listings. That gives you an indication of the work and competition ahead to get that top of the page visibility for your real estate business.
The signals for this visibility are straightforward. Generally, to rank well in local results, you need a healthy ranking in organic search. You also need sufficient data and citations for your business in appropriate Google local channels.

Contact me for details on this regained advantage for real estate agents.

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