SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Interview Questions

SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Interview Questions

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This is one question you must ask a Real Estate Agent when interviewing them. Especially when they try to list your house for more money than other agents.

Real Estate Interview Questions: For instance Real Estate agent A says the home should sell for about 300k and so do a few other agents for that matter and then comes along Agent “I can get you more” and I know how to market better or what eve their line may be. But here is the deal.

If all the other agents are within the same ballpark and this agent says he can get you more…Ask hime this:

Let me see your listing history that shows the listed price in relation to the selling price of the home.

A) Either they won’t have one because they never get to carry the siting through to completion
B)It will show a big difference from the listed price to the selling price, because they only tell clients they can get the higher price to get the listing and then later get them to lower the price to the same point all the other agents originally quoted.

This is a common tactic that preys on the hope of clients for more money than is likely and so they believe the agent that has inflated the price to get the listing and then later end up selling for what the real price should have been anyway.

Real Estate Interview Questions: So don’t fall for this tactic, the minute there is a wide range of prices form one agent to another, ask the ones quoting the unrealistic price to show some proof that they have in fact been able to sell homes for more money.

I think you will find they will not or cannot show you this proof, so then just give us a call or visit our website and we will to market all the other agents and get you the most money possible as dictated by the market at the time.

We will get your property in front of more potential buyers in the least amount of time. Using our SEO Expertise., No funny business, just good old marketing using the SEO techniques we know to get your property on the 1st page of Google, YouTube and Craigslist.

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