SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Hiring A Real Estate Digital Marketing Consultant & The Mistakes To Avoid

SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Hiring A Real Estate Digital Marketing Consultant & The Mistakes To Avoid

Marketing today, especially online, is harder than it’s ever been before and things are changing so fast.

A lot of real estate businesses just like yours know they need help keeping up with that rate of change so they’re turning to third party digital marketing companies or consultants for help. But sadly we hear all too often from real estate businesses and franchise organisations who have started working with a third party marketing company or consultant only for it all to end in broken promises and poor results.

So, on this week’s video, that’s what we’re gonna talk about and what you need to know about hiring and working with a digital marketing partner to get the best possible results. Stay with us.

Hi, Josh Cobb here from Stepps. You know, winning attention online today as a real estate professional is hard and it’s harder than it’s ever been before. You’re not just competing for attention against other real estate agents, on social media specifically, you’re competing for attention against people’s family and friends and the things that they deeply care about.

On Google, you’re competing for attention against the major portals, ratings and reviews websites, and lead generators with big advertising budgets. So, what do you do? How do you keep up with that rate of change and what are the strategies for cutting through all that noise to generate new business?

Well, a lot of real estate businesses are very busy and they need to turn to third party marketing agencies, social media or digital marketing consultants to help guide them and then to actually do the work for them and while sometimes that is a match made in Heaven, it doesn’t always end up being a fairy tale business relationship.

We hear from agencies, franchise organisations, and individual agents all the time who have engaged a third party to help them with their digital marketing only to be left with minimal, if any, return on their investment.

The marketing consultant or agency ends up getting fired and the real estate agent or agency is left thousands of dollars out of pocket and then become quite jaded about the whole digital marketing thing as well.

So, they go and do everything else that they used to do in terms of advertising and marketing and they revert to the old way and this is a really sad reality in so many real estate businesses.

We all know how important the internet is for growing our business and engaging a third party marketing agency or consultant is almost always the best approach because you can’t do it all yourself and hiring someone in house is not always possible or the best approach either. So, what should you do?

Well, tip number one is to be really clear about what you actually want help with. A social media consultant is likely not the best person to help with your SEO or your website. Just like an SEO consultant is likely not the best person to help with your social media strategy.

These are both very different skill sets just like property management is to sales in your business and you shouldn’t expect to hire a marketing consultant or agency that can do everything and especially things outside of their specialty. There are some agencies and consultants who do have people in their business to help with most areas of digital marketing.

They’re rare and sometimes it can be better to have different consultants or multiple agencies all working together to help with all of those different areas of your digital marketing. Tip number two is to look at what the consultant or marketing agency are doing themselves.

If they’re claiming to be the best at social media, SEO, or content marketing, but they’re not doing any of these things well themselves, it pays to question if they are going to be the best fit for your business.

Tip number three is ask the consultant or marketing agency for some case studies and results that they’ve achieved for other real estate brands.

Our final tip, tip number four is to try and look for marketing agencies and consultants with experience in the real estate industry and those who understand the audience that you’re trying to engage with. That’s homeowners, sellers, investors, tenants, and buyers.

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