SEO For Estate Agents Tips: Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Investors + Agents w/ Kiley Newbold

SEO For Estate Agents Tip: Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Investors + Agents w/ Kiley Newbold

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Getting motivated house seller leads on Facebook hasn’t been easy over the years. Cash buyers, tenants… yes. But sellers have been a harder nut to crack. Until the last 12 months, that is.

Our guest, Kiley Newbold, a Facebook marketing ninja who was the Vice President of Marketing & Technology at a $75MM company before going full-time into Facebook marketing for real estate professionals recently, dives into his strategies that are consistently attracting high value motivated house seller leads through Facebook ads.

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3:30 – How Kiley helped build the ColorRun from 0-50 countries and helped millions of people via Facebook.
7:25 – Why working and the time spent with the ColorRun was so enjoyable.
10:15 – How Kiley is bringing his passion from the ColorRun to his new business venture and entrepreneurship.
12:35 – Why Facebook hasn’t worked for motivated seller leads in the past and Facebook marketing pitfall #1.
18:16 – Taking the emotion out of your advertising decisions and instead trusting your data. Carrot ROI Tool.
20:40 – How to set your advertising budget.
21:45 – Facebook marketing pitfall #2: Don’t look at your numbers on a daily basis.
23:25 – Facebook marketing pitfall #3: Testing too many variables at once.
26:18 – Facebook marketing pitfall #4: Don’t make massive changes on a regular basis.
29:50 – How much does the actual website play into the success of Facebook campaigns and why having a personalized website makes a positive effect.
36:30 – Why it is so important to have not just a mobile friendly website, but also one that is optimized to convert while you’re using Facebook marketing.
37:10 – What first step you need to take when structuring your Facebook campaign.
39:05 – What types of ads (image, carousel, video) are working best right now.
43:50 – Quick Facebook marketing tips for real estate recap.
47:00 – The importance of retargeting and how to get it setup.
49:15 – What Kiley has seen as the biggest difference in markets. Are there markets where Facebook hasn’t worked?
50:05 – What statistics and numbers you should be concentrating on and the importance of understanding attribution.
57:00 – Take these Facebook marketing tips for real estate and apply them to the places where people hang out the most.
58:20 – Kiley’s current journey into entrepreneurship.

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