Real-estate agent marketing is an essential element to building brand awareness and even getting clients. The world of real estat marketing has changed so dramatically in the past 3 years and it’s a fantastic opportunity for new real-estate agent. I’m going to share techniques that have worked for me as a new agent.

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10. Direct Mail

Direct mail is ancient and is still one of the best ways to market in real-estate. Most industries have found mailers unprofitable, but direct mail is a powerful way to:

Build brand awareness
Produce seller leads
Contact EVERY person
The cost is the only down side!
9. Google Banners (GDN)

Google banners at one time had click thru rates of %10, but banner ads have one of the lowest click rate. If utilized correctly, banner ads can produce quality clicks but you have to RETARGET.

Very powerful way to reintroduce yourself to those that interacted with your social media
Great way to market listings
Once set up, “flip a switch” and you’re ready to go
8. Instagram

At one time, Instagram was thought to be the “next big thing” but hype around Instagram has dwindled greatly.

Paid Instagram ads are cheaper and more effective
Less people are doing it
Access to powerful, Facebook paid advertising platform
You can build an Instagram following organically
It’s a dumpster fire of people flexing and very creepy people hitting you up in the DM’s
7. Youtube Paid Ads

Youtube paid ads are effective and can build massive brand awareness.

Not effective unless you have content that people can watch
Interrupting people’s content and haters ensue
6. Facebook video

This involves taking avideo uploading it to Facebook and blasting it out to a cold audience

Massive brand recognition
Incredibly cheap
Not many people are doing it right now
You can get leads
Best way to build a warm audience
5. Facebook Custom Audiences, Look-Alike, and re-targeting with pixels

You can build hyper targeted lists of people and market to your database
Build a huge audience of people that have watched your video
Try to get people to opt-in
4. SEO

3. Designing very stream lined, branded, and unique marketing pieces

2. Email Marleting


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5 thoughts on “SEO For Estate Agents Tips: 10 REAL-ESTATE AGENT MARKETING IDEAS & STRATEGIES [2019]

  1. I have been working with a marketer for about 4 months now, i was recommended by a friend who is also in real estate, i was hesitant at first because i get so many messages from “social media marketer’s” asking for a meeting to work with me but i didn't want to work with anyone who doesn't provide evidence of their results.

    However, the marketer i worked with was amazing. On the 2nd month she helped me sell 3 homes and the return on investment was amazing. Since working with her i have made $84,000. I have been referring her to my friends who work in other cities as i don't want anyone in my city working with her. lol

    So if anyone is deciding to work with one of these marketer’s i highly recommend the woman i’m working with. I will put it in the reply section of this comment as i don't remember her contact information and her name is Anais Reynolds.

  2. Great video as always Teddy! I want to step up my YouTube Game! As you said & I believe this to be true as well, YouTube is the Future of Real Estate & the time is NOW to get going. I need your advice, I need to start doing my Podcast on YouTube now; I need your recommendation for inexpensive equipment to purchase on Amazon. My budget is maximum $500 & I need a Camera, mic, lights & an editing software. Let me know, what I should purchase?

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