SEO And Web Design Tips: WordPress GDPR Compliance Update & Privacy Policy Generator

SEO And Website Design Tip: WordPress GDPR Compliance Update & Privacy Policy Generator

Here are the WordPress GDPR compliance features coming to v4.9.6. It features a new privacy policy generator and the ability to export and delete user data.

Here is that article I referenced in the video

WordPress GDPR compliance

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20 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: WordPress GDPR Compliance Update & Privacy Policy Generator

  1. Hey! Adamn it seems that GDPR plugin has been compromised /hacked and it's been more that 12 months not been updated do you know any other better alternative?

  2. I really do find this videos interesting and motivating to take the GDPR seriously. I'm also happy you are there to make things easier and simply to your followers. You are a motivator. Any motivator need a motivator to inspire them to motivate others. I love to motivate people regardless of who they are. That's why i started my talkshow channel which give startups, creative minds or businesses the ability to share what they do with the public and this GDPR info is really useful and simple. I want to motivate so many people especially most women in Africa to wake up and focus on their dreams rather than sleeping and complaining about how things are difficult. Thanks for this.

  3. I don't have wordpress; I already have a website created. {it's fully completed yet} I have a couple of questions.
    How and where can do I add the "privacy policy" and 'terms and conditions"?
    In order for me to add other much needed info and requests from customers to my web; I must have the above two added on.
    (SMH) I'm lost. Help.

  4. Thanks Adam, what bothers me about this is that if a hacker hijacks one of our user's email address, then they can use that to leverage all the personal information that we have on that user. Seems there should be some two-factor authentication of some kind in this process.

  5. I had to set up my site to monitor everything visitors even attempt to look at. Sadly I've had an issue with people from Russia and Ukraine trying to attack me.

  6. Hi Adam! Thanks for the video. Do you have any information how could you write privacy policy and cookies policy for different type of sites I'm struggling with how can you write a gdpr privacy and cokie policy Im planing to make portfolio website I need for that and I just want to put in contact section where people put their email and message

  7. Hi Adam,
    Great explanation. I was trying to find out how it did work the new features. But I am wondering, are you aware that this is only a small part of what is needed for GDPR?
    Besides the privacy policy (with all the information about everything you have that capture information and ways to opt out from it), you also need to have a cookie banner with an opt-out option (because not all of the EU countries follow the same rule, some just need to see the warning that the website use cookies, others do need an opt-out – like Germany and Italy for ex.), it is also needed that the cookies are blocked until consent given in all of the situations.
    Are you thinking about doing any videos about it?

  8. I get this from a business standpoint but as a book blogger that does not make any money on her self-hosted WordPress website, this is a huge headache. Add to that, the fact that I'm not even in the US but in South America makes it even crazier.

    This past week I disabled the comments on my blog just to make sure I'm GDPR compliant before anyone else put some info there. I don't get many commenters but there are some.

    Making the Privacy Policy as I type this because before this blew up I was living under a rock, apparently (LOL) and did not think that this would apply to me. According to some author friends, it does apply just for the fact that I had comments ON or Google Analytics… and I'm pretty sure I use cookies too because of GA.

    I have so many questions so this process it's taking a long time for me. I'm not a web developer so I'm pretty clueless about tech things and how to do them. I still need to make sure I know what data is stored and where for some things.

    This coming from WordPress has been a huge help to me, in particular. I don't have a newsletter installed as of now so that's going to be another hurdle to get over later, luckily MailChimp it's been pretty helpful too.

  9. Thank you for doing this video I've had a real hard time trying to get to grips with GDPR. One thing that I noticed is that even though I just updated to 4.9.6 that my privacy policy that it generated is different to the one you are showing i.e. no highlighted areas and a lot of missing text (nothing listed under analytics etc) do you have any idea as to why this is please?

  10. hi. I would like to know what about the hosting sites itself that have stats for the domain names website that we cannot change for example inmotion has visitors stats. How can we be gdpr comply if the hosting is the one collecting the visitors ip address. Before i bought inmotion hosting they told me they were gdpr comply today i found out they are not really dont know what to do now.

  11. I am curious as to whom will send non-compliant websites a notice that they are being fined for non-compliance and what happens to the website owner if they do not pay the fine? Is "Uncle Guido" going to show up at their door and break their legs?!

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