SEO And Web Design Tips: WordPress Domain Mapping Allows You To Map Custom Domain Names To WordPress Multisite Installs

SEO And Website Design Tip: WordPress Domain Mapping Allows You To Map Custom Domain Names To WordPress Multisite Installs

Grab Your Free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist:
WordPress Domain Mapping Allows You To Map Custom Domain Names To WordPress Multisite Installs

Grab your free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist:

WordPress domain mapping plugin allows you to choose a unique domain name for every website on a multisite WordPress install.

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42 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: WordPress Domain Mapping Allows You To Map Custom Domain Names To WordPress Multisite Installs

  1. Thank you for the video. I have being trying to solve an issue, I would like you to help me
    I used domain mapping on my multisite as directed by you in this video but I can't access the mapped domain except i use the full URL ( or ( So basically I can't use ( or (; if I do it will redirect to (

    Please how can I solve this issue?
    Thank you

  2. Can you release the updated tutorial? Love your channel. However, This is outdated. I'm trying to map my subdomains to domains I've purchased. From what I understand. I dont need the domain mapping plugin anymore. However I didn't know and watched your video and installed it. Do I have to deactivate it now? And remove the sunrise folder and code?

    I have domains with godaddy. And my server is through Host Gator. Am I putting the DNS A Record into Host Gator or Go Daddy? Having trouble pointing my domain name to my site

  3. Hi Sir, Thank you alot are of a much help.. i went throught every thing. and went smooth and nice till I wanted to mapp a newly bought domain when from the same host..but gives me this error : page is not working ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS

  4. Awesome Tutorial is really easy to follow thank you. Question is there a way to link woo commence database to multiple sites so when you update it, it updates all sites as I have a client that has multiple sites that sell very similar products on all of them. Thank you in advance

  5. Hello sir, this is a very good info i am looking for my situation. But i need to understand. Is this really mean that you can have two different domain with two different themes?

  6. Great tutorial, thank you so much, i just have a question. If we create multiple sites in one account are they using the same database? If they do, wouldn´t that slow down the page loading time?

  7. Hi, and thanks for many useful videos 🙂
    I have one question: I see in the video that you add a domain "without www", but how can I add a domain "with http://www." and direct the domain "without www" so it goes straight to the domain "with www"? Because if I add a domain "with www", then the page will not appear if I type the domain name "without www" … (I get an error). Thanks again 🙂

  8. Hey,
    after adding define( ‘SUNRISE’, ‘on’ );
    to the wp-config file at the right line it says following:

    Please uncomment the line define( 'SUNRISE', 'on' ); or add it to your …/htdocs/wp-config.php

    Do you have an idea why it says that? Maybe some other settings in my wp config causes this error?

  9. Hello i have 2 problem and i hope that you can help me to resolve them
    1-/ for exemple I have a website built with wordpress ex:(
    i use amp plugin for mobile optimization and i want to redirect all mobile
    users from (www .mysite .com/amp) to (m.mysite .com) . is this need multisite version websiteor is it possible to point the same root website folder to 2 diffirent domain

    2-/ i want to create a subdomain called (blog. mysite. com) and i want to all my wordpress articles will be shown on this subdomain
    is there a solution to point the urls ( mysite. com/blog/ ) —to–> ( blog.mysite .com ) without creating an other site


  10. If you have an existing site you are ranking and the client wants the domain name changed is this the best practice to use? Or should you duplicate or migrate site to new domain? How does each option affect seo efforts?

  11. Hello Bjorn. Great video, a lot of great pointers and great solution. I do have a question however.

    When you map these domains together and start editing the websites, what if you wanted to remove one of the domains with their current content from the multisite to a standard single installation of wordpress, would that be possible?

  12. Help. My multisite, and it's domain, are hosted on Godaddy as well as the domain I want to map for the subsite. I added both "*" and a "@" A names. It's been over three hours and my domain home page still says, "Future Home of Something Cool". Any advice? Is there more I need to do? Do I need to change name servers?

  13. For those of you that are setting up your multisite with sub domains and want to map them to a non-subdomain ( maps to, make sure you set things up like this (I'm using GoDaddy hosting):
    – Domains are pointing to hosting IP address
    – Subdomains created in cPanel (, pointing to public_html directory
    – Addon domains created in cPanel for mapped URL (, pointing to public_html directory
    – Domain Mapping Plugin maps to

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