SEO And Web Design Tips: Wix Vs Shopify Vs WooCommerce: Top eCommerce Platforms In 2019

SEO And Website Design Tip: Wix Vs Shopify Vs WooCommerce: Top eCommerce Platforms In 2019

Consider this cheat sheet for the top e-Commerce platforms compared and find out who’s the winner: Wix vs Shopify vs WooCommerce. ⏩ Go to 10:11 get my conclusion.
How to Create an Online Store with WordPress & WooCommerce:

Navigate the video via the timestamps:

0:42 | Wix Main Features / Pros & Cons
3:12 | Shopify Main Features / Pros & Cons
5:51 | WooCommerce Main Features / Pro & Cons
9:11 | Pricing Comparison
10:11 | Conclusion

We look into the features of each platform and what makes them great as the foundation of your e-commerce store.

Get started with:

🔗 Wix:
🔗 Shopify:
🔗 WooCommerce:

We’ve analyzed every important aspect that will help you develop a business in the e-commerce space… From pricing tables, features, design, ease-of-use, to hosting issues, pros and cons of each platform, target audience, the number of product attributes allowed, marketing optimization, and more.

In the end, we hope this will become your “complete guide” to getting started with top e-commerce platforms and picking between these alternatives: Shopify, WooCommerce or Wix.

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12 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Wix Vs Shopify Vs WooCommerce: Top eCommerce Platforms In 2019

  1. I'm a Web Developer and I Would tell you that if you wanna start your business, go with Shopify or WIX. WooCommerce has so many options, but you will have to do a lot of customizations to make it work

  2. I know a guy who does WordPress for a living and you HAVE to get it fortified against hacking, if you want to change any feature then you need to write code, all of it involves hiring programmers and isn't worth learning – I used to code C and java but I'm not learing their code for one website!
    Shopify is the way for eCommerce, WiX for personal websites.

  3. Always great videos sir! One thing I don’t agree with is woocommerce has not advanced in anyway in the 5-6 yrs since I first started building WP ecommerce client builds and it’s very confusing and involved w configuring all attributes and variations and shipping settings and costs and rates nationally and internationally. I’d be really surprised if someone with little experience with woo could build a proper decent sized online store with.

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