SEO And Web Design Tips: Wix Code Tutorial – Creating A Member Profile Page in Wix – Wix For Beginners

SEO And Website Design Tip: Wix Code Tutorial – Creating A Member Profile Page in Wix – Wix For Beginners

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Creating user profile pages in Wix has been made possible and fairly simple using the new Wix Code platform. Wix Code is not only changing web design as we know it for Wix, but also for the industry. This powerful tool is now enabiling so many new possibilities on the Wix platform. Once of which is the new ability to create user profile pages through databases, custom user input forms and dynamic pages. Even cooler, each dynamic profile page gets its own unique URL. Wix Code is changing the game.
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46 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Wix Code Tutorial – Creating A Member Profile Page in Wix – Wix For Beginners

  1. i know this may never get answered but, how do you add a password so only that user can login and see their main profile. Every time i go to preview i can continuously make fake name/profiles and it just changes the page so anytime someone fills out the info it changes for everyone

  2. I watched this and other video and still couldn't figure out how every member will be directed to his own and private profile page , thanks for the tutorial but its missing the most essential information about connection , if its not just teasing video to use your services , at least let it be completed ! Thanks

  3. Hey!!! Great video!!! But needed some help here!!! Once I've set my current profile page as Dynamic Page, The page was dropped out of the menu bar. However, I would like my members could access their profile page through the menu bar…….And I find its unable to link a dynamic page to a button. The question is how can I link members to their own profile dynamic page (ideally from the menu bar)???

  4. Hello!

    I want to create different page with different design. I want to create "personal" page all of my members like facebook.

    For example: Member 1 (Alex) after log in can see red wallpaer and a picture about a car.
    Member 2 (Ben) after log in can see green wallpaer and a picture about a ship.
    Member 3 (Nick) after log in can see yellow wallpaer and a picture about a plane.

    Member 1-2-3 see same design before log in.

    Can I make this?

    Many thanks!

  5. hello! I love your videos. I really hope you can see this cause I have trouble in making registrations connected to the profile that was made and also logging in to the said profile. I don't quite understand how it actually works. I hope you can help me with that. Thank you.

  6. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong! When I make a new page for my Dynamic page, it is the same as the page that was just previously made. In fact, every "new page" isn't blank its the page we just made (Text boxes). What could I be doing wrong?

  7. Hi how do create a member listing page where they are listed by name and zip code? I want customers to be able to enter by zip code and keyword/title to find the members!! Your videos are so pleasant and helpful!

  8. I was watching this tutorial because I'm working on the new website for Shootapalooza. It just so happens that the pic you selected for example is taken in front of the Wheatpasting project we did in 2017 in Gilbert, AZ. Thank you for information about the profile pages but more importantly enjoying the wall of images!!

  9. Very helpful, but you didn't show how to sync the Sandbox to Production unless I missed something or it was done with the Preview. I am also looking at memberships and how to give different privileges to members based on payments

  10. Michael is there any way to make sure that only one person is log in on your website with his/her username? I cant prevent people sharing their log in info to have access to a page on my website but I would like to know if there is any way that only one person is on the website page with his/her username and no one else is log on at the same time with the same username? Thanks

  11. Hi man, great video!. I have such a problem – my members have to appear in one page/gallery and everyone to be able to view their profile after clicking on gallery pic. How is this possible. Thanx 🙂

  12. Great info! Can you do a video on how to create a workflow for membership sign up? Also if the membership was to receive monthly PDF documents, how would I be able to add those to their individual account/profile page that they can only see? Thanks!

  13. Thank You so much for this video it means a lot that you are taking your time to help others . This process is going to help so many people and is currently helping me a lot so again thank you and god bless <3

  14. Hi

    I use the wix forum plugin.
    As you may know, with Wix forums, you get a profile page already (but I’d like to use this instead). Rather than having 2 profile pages, is there a way to make the member only have one, this one?

    Am I correct in saying that the page in your tutorial names ‘New Page’ was only to make the user initially create their profile and then after that they will never see that page again? They will see the dynamic page after?
    Should there not be an update button also on the dynamic page?

    Please get back to me ASAP.

    Thank you!

  15. Hi, Great video, but am having difficulties viewing the new display image when previewed. It all goes blank. Not sure where I have gone wrong.
    Also, if I want a dynamic profile pic in the menu bar once a member logins in, how can I achieve that.
    And lastly, as requested by all how can one view this dynamic page that has been created for one's profile. There is no apparent way to add it to the member's menu.



    I NEED to build a site that is a Database driven Professional Service Business Website.

    -Data is filled in by Customers.
    -Some date entered is for a FEE – $
    -Some data entered is for FREE – 0
    Some data info can be searched by ALL – For FREE – 0
    -Some Data is restricted ONLY to My Business and the person
    who entered the data —
    – CAN THAT BE DONE WITH — WIX — ????

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