SEO And Web Design Tips: Weebly SEO: How to Catapult Your Weebly Website to the Top of Google | Weebly Tutorials

SEO And Website Design Tip: Weebly SEO: How to Catapult Your Weebly Website to the Top of Google | Weebly Tutorials

Weebly SEO is similar to doing search engine optimization for any other website, only simpler. Learn how to rank your Weebly site in Google with my full video guide!

Keyword Research: 0:43
Settings: 4:40
Pages: 7:15
Blogging: 10:29
Internal Linking: 12:06
User Experience: 13:34
Link Building: 15:11
Need help? 18:00

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26 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Weebly SEO: How to Catapult Your Weebly Website to the Top of Google | Weebly Tutorials

  1. This is SUPER helpful, thank you!!! Do you think you could make a video about how to have rich pins on Weebly and hook it up to Pinterest? Weebly's own articles on this are really confusing.

  2. Hey, thanks so much for sharing this – I've been taking some time focusing on my own new business's website and there's a few items on this video I overlooked – naming your images correctly for example, it's so obvious but I overlooked it! Thank you! Check out my website and let me know what you think! Thanks again, Tom

  3. Hello! I have one question, I have to make a website for a bussines, the point is my website will be informative about a service, and with a form for contact, I was thinking in make it with new google sites, because is all I need, simple, and easy to edit.

    The problem is about SEO stuff, I will can not rank the website from new google sites as an weebly one?. Or they are equal about seo and ranking oportunities. (The new google sites desing is perfect for me if you are thinking in take that as consideration).

    Thanks for your time.

  4. Thank you! This has been very helpful. Since I didn't know the right questions to ask initially, during my final meeting with my site builder she informed me she knows nothing about SEO. I just met with someone who wants to build a new site on Word Press for a mere several thousand dollars. This has given me the info I need to understand and work on my own SEO. Very grateful for people like you who are willing to share their knowledge. I can't say thank you enough!!!

  5. Thanks so much Patrick for this detailed and informative video! A quick question: I have read several negative comments online referring to the impact that Weebly's recent upgrade has had on SEO. Apparently the worse ofender has been their new header design which is supposedly very javascript heavy and confuses Google Spiders. But I did a search on the beautiful site you designed for the marble polishing company and see that it features at the top of organic results, so just wanted to know if you have noticed any impact on your work since the upgrade. Thanks so much!

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