SEO And Web Design Tips: Using Google Webmaster Tools For SEO

SEO And Website Design Tip: Using Google Webmaster Tools For SEO

How to use the tools that Google Webmaster Tools provides to fix search engine optimization problems and track your website’s ranking performance.

Table of Contents
1:29 Signing up for Webmaster Tools
4:27 Crawl Errors
6:49 Crawl Stats
8:50 Site Maps
9:30 Content Keywords
11:27 Links to Your Site
13:34 HTML Improvements
16:54 Structured Data
19:02 Search Queries

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50 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Using Google Webmaster Tools For SEO

  1. Hi,

    thnks for the tutorial. I have some errors, please suggest how to rectify those errors.
    @6:45, I see some pages listed there. I have updated my static website a few months back and am surprised to see those old URLs listed in webmaster crawls section. how do I remove them or fix these errors?

  2. Hi guy's I am Shivi and i am just beginner in SEO and don't know how to use Google webmaster. So please give me the solution of my question. "At the time of crawling my page through webmaster Google ask a question i.e. Crawl only this URL or Crawl this URL and its direct links". What's the difference of both and the meaning of both questions.

    Pls Send reply of this question as soon as possible

  3. Webmasters is great but what you really want are tools that help you analyze your competitors sites onsite seo and reverse engineer their backlinks. Ranking Rabbit has the best tools for that IMO.

  4. Very good tutorial. This is my first introduction to Google Webmaster Tools. You did a fabulous job of showing around the different tools with a real website, and explaining the different data produced. I would love to go through your full course on SEO if you had one.

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