SEO And Web Design Tips: Use This SEO Checklist to Get Started – The Digital Pickle Podcast #5

SEO And Website Design Tip: Use This SEO Checklist to Get Started – The Digital Pickle Podcast #5

Where do you start with SEO? Josh & Matt give up their secrets on their search engine optimization audit process, tell you what to put on your SEO checklist, how to design a website with SEO in mind, and tools you can use from Google on this episode of The Digital Pickle Podcast!

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2:34 Have a mobile-friendly website
4:49 Utilize Google’s tools & services
4:59 What is Google Analytics?
5:45 What is Google Tag Manager?
7:02 What is Google Search Console?
8:24 Use SSL Encryption on your website
10:37 Make sure your website is fast
15:10 Your website needs a Blog
16:36 Make sure you put your keywords on your site
18:58 Fill in your website’s Meta Data
21:03 Your headers need to follow the hierarchy
23:32 Describe your images using Alt tags
24:38 Tell Google what it can crawl using Robots.txt
25:38 Define the pages in your website using an XML sitemap
26:29 Label elements of your website using schema markup
27:50 Build page connections & guide users using anchor text
28:57 Make sure your pages have enough content
30:35 Content Bad Practices
31:38 Content is king!

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