SEO And Web Design Tips: Unconventional Ways to WIN with Rand Fishkin | Chase Jarvis LIVE

SEO And Website Design Tip: Unconventional Ways to WIN with Rand Fishkin | Chase Jarvis LIVE

This week on the show we’ve got serial entrepreneur, marketer extraordinaire and SEO genius Rand Fishkin. Among other things, the guy is an online content legend, having built the legendary MOZ, one of the first online resources / communities helping creators optimize for SEO (yes search engine optimization…aka if you make content, it’s helping your people find you on the internet) and now he’s got a new company you’ve gotta know about, and a new BOOK, called Lost & Founder – aimed at helping all of us creators and entrepreneurs find our way. SUCH A USEFUL BOOK.

But even more than the “what” Rand does…it’s the HOW he does it that I find completely extraordinary. Everything, it seems, has been non-traditional. From college dropout to serial entrepreneur. Join us on this conversational journey as we dispel startup culture tropes, ‘best practices’ and fight back against “traditional” wisdom.

A few of my favorite takeaways:

* There are three key components to building successful and enjoyable content: build on a medium that you are passionate about, create something of unique value, and put the content where your audience actually hangs out. Sounds easy, but Rand is unapologetic and VERY helpful in guiding us you understand just how to get this right…

* It’s been a recurring theme on this show that taking care of yourself with good habits- sleep, exercise, and not overworking yourself actually lead to your best work. The idea that overworking yourself will lead to success and happiness is misguided at best. Rand has solutions for you.

* The most important things to be tracking from potential clients and followers are not Twitter or Instagram followers. It’s not likes or shares. It’s something else that is a leading indicator to be in control of your business growth on your own terms… the answer? Listen and find out 😉


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Chase Jarvis is well known as a visionary photographer, fine artist and entrepreneur. Chase is cited as one of the most influential photographers of the past decade. As an entrepreneur, Chase created Best Camera – the world’s first mobile photo app to share images direct to social networks – sparking the global photo sharing craze. He is currently the founder & CEO of CreativeLive, the world’s largest live-streaming online education company, having delivered more than a billion minutes of free live education worldwide.

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19 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Unconventional Ways to WIN with Rand Fishkin | Chase Jarvis LIVE

  1. THIS!!! Unconventional wisdom it is! Plus it's crazy the 'unconventional' way I came across this video. From trying to apply to an accelerator, seeing someone complain about Rand, trying to find out who Rand was and why the complaints and here I am….getting schooled to the core! Thanks so much for all the wisdom Rand. Just got your book. Looking forward to the read and more wisdom! Thanks for the awesome interview Chase!

  2. Such a good episode!

    Really liking the discussion about the hard parts, and the depression that can come with these gigs. More of that, please.

    I’ve always been upbeat but depression snuck up on me a few years ago when I was struggling financially, trying to make it as a photographer. Figuring out how to manage that was just as important as figuring out the other aspects of business.

    I started a blog recently where I talk frankly about this aspect of my life as a home based photographer ( I’d encourage others to write about their experience as well.

    There’s value in hearing these stories and knowing we’re not alone in our struggle, and also to see that it’s possible to push through and find success.

    Thanks for all you do, Chase!

  3. Ok, so first of all I love your show Chase! Thank you for all the incredible value you provide from you and your guests for free!!
    So what I was left with this show was wondering if his mom past away from cancer…. And his wife's tumor and how she's doing now… Just was waiting for the conclusion

  4. Wow, I really enjoyed that. Rand covered a whole lot of great stuff. I really loved the part where Rand touched on business culture. I know what it's like to work for an organization for that systematically rewarded managers that performed well while stepping on employees.

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