SEO And Web Design Tips: Starting An Online Store in Wix – Wix eCommerce Tutorial 2018 – Wix Stores or Ecwid Stores

SEO And Website Design Tip: Starting An Online Store in Wix – Wix eCommerce Tutorial 2018 – Wix Stores or Ecwid Stores

Weekly Wix Wednesday Tips-
This NEW Wix Ecommerce Tutorial series is dedicated to teaching you how to build a killer online store in Wix. In addition, the goal is to provide extremely valuable content to not only help you thrive design and development wise, but also some conversion tips and tricks that directly tie into that concept.

In this first, Wix Ecommerce Tutorial in the series, my goal is to explain the template choosing portion as well as picking your online store provider. We go head-to-head between Wix Stores and Ecwid Stores.

I hope you enjoy this new Wix Ecommerce Series dedicated to help you build an online store in Wix.

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Also, if you are ever interested, my team does build custom Wix websites and we are Wix Certified as well as Wix Megastar Winner from 2017. We are Wix Code developers that can also build you websites utlizing the newest tools available on the platform. If you are interested, feel free to reach out via email: [email protected]
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Topics Covered:
-Weekly Wix Tips Email List
-Wix My Website New Design
-Wix Ecommerce Tutorials – NEW Series
-Displaying Wix Ecommerce First Steps
-Wix Stores vs. Ecwid Stores
-Signing Up For Weekly Wix Tips and Forum
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13 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Starting An Online Store in Wix – Wix eCommerce Tutorial 2018 – Wix Stores or Ecwid Stores

  1. Hi man! thx a lot for your videos great explanations. One question please. I set up my wix store but now I realized that I need more functions, for example a calendar tab where the client can select the delivery date. Do you know if that works with Ecwid? Thx for your help! Cheers

  2. Great videos! you're the best teacher. I got a question, please. I need my clients to determine the price of a product. ( I need to let people to download a file only IF if you make a donation, and they will determine the amount of money of that donation, but I need to set a minimum), any ideas about how to do it or where to find out the answer? Thank you a lot !

  3. Hi, wondering if you can do a video on how to make a simple WIX online store from a blank template for sellers who have a few items to sell/who sell items on a more occasional basis please?
    Thank you.

  4. Is there a way to create a wish button and wish list either for products or any content in the website?
    BTW, Great effort I see in this channel.. Keep up 🙂

  5. Great series! A lot of interesting information.
    I'm really looking forward to the Wix Stores Update.
    Do you know approximately how long it will take for that Update to be live?

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