SEO And Web Design Tips: Squarespace SEO Tips: Meta Tags, Content & Link Building

SEO And Website Design Tip: Squarespace SEO Tips: Meta Tags, Content & Link Building

Get found in Google and Bing with search engine optimization: meta tags, content marketing, and link building.

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In this video we’ll talk about…

– Search engine optimization in Squarespace
– Meta tags, page title tags, and meta descriptions
– Content marketing
– Page design
– Link building
– Squarespace’s interface
– Spuarespace settings

Send the right information to Google and Bing.

You don’t need an SEO plugin…SEO features are built into Squarespace.

Create a quality website with good content, build some links and you’re well on your way ranking for keywords.

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18 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Squarespace SEO Tips: Meta Tags, Content & Link Building

  1. I'm stumped. I'm working on Squarespace trying to get a simple title tag and description meta tag per individual page but it doesn't allow it. So your example of typing in Charlottesville SEO for example, would actually be showing in the header of the site, instead of "Marketing Services" on the page. I've tried adding them per page in the description box to make dedicated META description tags but it doesn't use those for META tags directly, it puts it front and centre on the site. Any help appreciated because from everything I've read from many other customers, suggest the platform is not SEO friendly. if you can'e even write individual titles Tags and descriptions for pick-up.

  2. Trying to understand why on the Settings fields for SEO, why you filled it out with the actual title using text but on Collection Title Format field you left it like this %c-%s? I'm trying to understand if %S is code and I don't have to actually fill out those fields with my title using text in those fields. It shows an Example below each field showing text. Is the Example telling me to replace %c – %s with text? Or is that code in those fields and there should be no text in those fields? If you can answer this I can give you a shout out to my twitter followers, I have 2,400 followers.

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