SEO And Web Design Tips: SEO for Medical Center | SEO for Hospitals, Health Systems & Clinics

SEO And Website Design Tip: SEO for Medical Center | SEO for Hospitals, Health Systems & Clinics

We did an audit for a Medical Center and recording it for you , watch SEO for medical center to see the common website mistakes being covered. This video includes onpage SEO, offpage SEO, backlink study, Local rankings study and more.

Here are the SEO factors, (NOTES)

1. Add location to Page Title
2. Meta Description – Not found
3. Meta Keywords – Not found
4. H1 Not found
5. Add Meta Robots
6. not found on this page.
7. Fix Og Data Image
The ‘og:image’ property should be explicitly provided, even if a value can be inferred from other tags.

8. Reduce Spam Score 4/10
9. Add SSL
10. Optimize speed as low of mobile & Desktop
11. Change Hosting provider – Cloud
12. None of the pages have Meta Descriptiom
13. None of the pages have meta keywords
14. Add alt text to all images 66 missing alt texts

15. Fix inconsistent listings
16. Build GMB Reviews :
17. Post on FB every business day.
18. Post on Google+ – 0 posts
19. No Backlinks
20. Keep building citations
21. Invest in Paid per click like Adwords
22. Use Pitchbox or Ninja Outreach for backlink builder.
23. Focus on getting News, EDU, Gov backlinks
24. Add atleast 500 words on every page you want search engines to index

25. Category Silioing – Create a proper website structure
26. Add no index to pages like

27. Add Cache plugin

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