SEO And Web Design Tips: SEO Checklist – Things You Need to Know

SEO And Website Design Tip: SEO Checklist – Things You Need to Know

This Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Checklist for Web Design and Development is a list of 30 check points that every website creator should pay attention to when building a website. Business website owners can use this basic, relatively non-technical checklist to verify that their existing site meets best practices for search engine optimization.

While I can’t go into the details of each of the check points in this short video, I can give you a list of the first half of the checklist. The details can all be found in the complete and completely free SEO Checklist:

#1: Your Domain Name
#2: Using www or not using www – Your Choice
#3: Use a Simple Design
#4: Use a Simple Directory Structure
#5: Use Keywords for File and Directory Names
#6: Use Static URLs
#7: Think Small — Your Web Page Size Matters
#8: Hyphens
#9: Put Navigation on Every Page
#10: Have a Site Map
#11: Put Titles on Pages
#12: How to Use the Description META Tag
#13: How to Use the Keyword META
#14: Robots META Tag
#15: Heading Tags

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