SEO And Web Design Tips: SEO Checklist for Web Designers

SEO And Website Design Tip: SEO Checklist for Web Designers

– Got a website? Yes? Good!

What? You’re disappointed??! Disappointed because when people search for businesses that do what you do all they see are the websites of your competitors?

What?!!! Most of your customers don’t even know you have a website?

Well, it’s time to see how to get more people finding you online, calling you up, dropping by your shop and hiring or buying from YOU.

Not your competitors — YOU!

And you can do that by using Search Engine Optimization. Yes… SEO. When your web developer applies SEO (search engine optimization) to your website, search engines find you, your customers find you, and consequently you make money.

Listen… SEO and a good online marketing strategy will put you way ahead of your competitors.

But first things first… See why search engine optimization is important to help your customers find your website. Get the basics with our SEO Checklist.

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