SEO And Web Design Tips: SEO Checklist 2019 — How to Get More Organic Traffic (Fast!)

SEO And Website Design Tip: SEO Checklist 2019 — How to Get More Organic Traffic (Fast!)

Today you’re going to get access to my complete SEO checklist for 2019.

This is the same checklist I’ve used to get over 300k monthly visitors from Google (mostly from SEO).

Here’s some of the stuff we’re going to cover in today’s video.

First, I’ll show you the 3 SEO tools that I consider (“must haves”). I personally use 15 SEO tools on a weekly basis. But these are the 3 most important.

Then, it’s all about keyword research. Here’s where you learn how to find keywords that your customers search for every day.

Third, I show you how to optimize your site using a handful of on-page SEO strategies.

Next up, we get into some basic technical SEO stuff just to make sure that Google can crawl and index all of your site’s pages.

Finally, I show you how to create content that’s primed to rank on the first page of Google. I also show you how to use white hat link building strategies to build links to that content.

And I wrap up my SEO checklist with a few advanced strategies.

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31 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: SEO Checklist 2019 — How to Get More Organic Traffic (Fast!)

  1. Definitely learned a lot from this video. I really need to pay attention to zombie pages. I had been working on an e-commerce website and such pages were a major problem and the quantity of products was more than 10,000 and redirection of such pages was a major challenge too. What would you suggest to such clients? How to redirect or manage deleting such pages? They can’t be updated for they’re already sold out products.
    Would really appreciate if u take time to answer it. I have eventually moved on from this but this still bothers me for I never solved the issue for the client.

  2. Same thing again and again. Please get something new : featured snippet, rich snippets for how to and other new things. You can talk deep about technical SEO.

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