SEO And Web Design Tips: Local SEO tutorial – Rank in google for multiple locations (even where you have no address)

SEO And Website Design Tip: Local SEO tutorial – Rank in google for multiple locations (even where you have no address)

In this latest Local SEO tutorial, I am going to show you how to rank your business in Google for multiple locations. 

That includes locations where your business doesn’t even have a physical address.

Most local businesses only rank in Google in the area where their business is located. 

But it is possible to rank locally in Google further than your immediate neighbourhood, including other cities.

Most local businesses who try to rank outside their immediate location fail miserably as they use poor local SEO techniques which can ham their visibility. 

At the end of this tutorial, you will know exactly what the right Local SEO techniques are so you can extend your visibility and get more customers

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19 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Local SEO tutorial – Rank in google for multiple locations (even where you have no address)

  1. Sir!! great video indeed however you were doing against what you are saying here in this video however in your other video you were reporting local business pages who's GMP titles were not matching their business names however in this video you are saying to add keywords in local listing titles i might be wrong but that's what I understood from your both videos.

  2. Can I get good ranking for multiple keywords and different branch office on Google My Business? I make different landing pages for that! Should be feasible, right? Example: SEO Agency Berlin, SEO Agency Hamburg | Advertising agency Berlin, advertising agency Hamburg | etc. all keywords will be relevant to the main keywords or main category.

  3. Greatful for your videos, really getting into learning how this all operates and implementing everything myself. Use an SEO company at present who are very expensive but they claim they do a lot. What's funny is I thought of something the other day, my brother in law who is a web designer made me a knew website last August and I never even gave my SEO company my new passwords. How on earth can they still be doing my SEO? Do you think it's at all possible (just wanted advice from someone professional who I know I can trust). Thanks and please keep the videos coming!

  4. Interesting approach to multiple locations. I did check out the Handyman site. The pages for the locations are near duplicates of the main home page, the only differences being the mostly the address at the top right and the name of the city. Does this cause a duplication of content issue with Google, or could it cause such an issue?

  5. good stuff, I just made changes to all of my pages [Canada] and will let you know how it goes! One question I provide on-site services vs a storefront where people come to me is the process still the same?

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