SEO And Web Design Tips: Local SEO 2019 – How to Rank in Google Maps Tutorial

SEO And Website Design Tip: Local SEO 2019 – How to Rank in Google Maps Tutorial

If you want to know how to rank in Google Maps, quickly, this in-depth tutorial covers EVERY base of local SEO 2019.

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► Google My Business Setup: 3:21
► Google My Business Optimization: 8:50
► Onpage Optimization: 17:45
► Citations: 25:58
► Backlinks: 32:05

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When it comes to ranking your local business, you want to focus on being found in the top 3 map results, as well as in the organic listings below. When you’re found in both places, this is what I refer to as “local domination.” It’s a good place to be.

In this video, I don’t hold anything back. I cover every important piece you’ll need to nail down in order to achieve this level of local domination. I cover it in 5 overall topics that Google uses to determine where you”ll show up in those results.

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41 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Local SEO 2019 – How to Rank in Google Maps Tutorial

  1. So you are no longer recommending the "locations" page on the site as you did in the last video? Looks like you are putting all of that now on the main page?

  2. I just want to say thank you. I think your videos are some of the most informative, thoughtful and easy to follow on the web on the subjects you cover. I learn a boat load every time I watch one. Thanks so much!

  3. I verified my listing and it still is not published it says pending and its been like 3 weeks it says this for all my locations do you have any tips to help it get published?

  4. My goodness man, the value in this video is off the charts. Thank you so much for providing us with such a detailed and thorough example of what to do to try and rank in google maps.

  5. Hi bro. I have problem adding categories in info session(11:40); i can't see categories which are related to my business. Please teach me to add categories which is not there in that drop down list.

    Waiting for your reply…

  6. Some great information, but i'm not sure on the use of plugins to achieve would could be done in code. As you know site speed is important. What impact do these plugins have on site loading time?

  7. My business appears in Google search when I key in my business name and shows my location. However, if I search under "Dog walker near me", it is not showing me as listed and I don't see my name on the map either. I was told because I have not had reviews yet. Yet I see other dog walker showing up even if they don't have reviews.

  8. Thanks for the video I enjoyed it!! Your style of presentation is very impressive. I would like to add a few points: with an increase in voice searches across the globe, it's really important to have an amazing loading speed, it will definitely help in your <a href="">Local SEO</a>. Hope this information will help!! Cheers!!

  9. Hi The Deep End. Thank you very much for your help. I have a question if you mind answering it will definitely help me a lot. If we search for prospects in a non English speaking country should we search on google maps in their language or in English?

  10. WES, I am so glad I found you here ! I've been building websites.and creating content for my clients (mostly businesses 15 years or older) since 2002, but with tech always changing it is a challenge to keep up! Your videos are so helpful!! I can walk thru your steps so easily. My next phase of business is as an online sales course creator and instructor for Business Owners so I am so glad I can use your tools for this!! Would love your feedback on my channel. It's a work-in-progress so I'm not done yet!!! All the best!! Julia

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