SEO And Web Design Tips: Let your customers "DESIGN YOUR OWN PRODUCT" in wix websites

SEO And Website Design Tip: Let your customers "DESIGN YOUR OWN PRODUCT" in wix websites

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This tutorial is based on the new ecommerce trend of customers being able to “Design Your Own Product” on your website. Many people assume that this won’t be possible in wix and truth be told, there are some snags but i’ve found a way to make it work & be super user friendly for your customers.

As a word of warning, don’t try and add all the levels of options to the same product, you’ll run into trouble when you want to link variation images to more than 1 option set. It is sometimes dobale though if you only don’t have a large amount of option sets.

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6 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Let your customers "DESIGN YOUR OWN PRODUCT" in wix websites

  1. Hi, thank you for this, it was really helpful. I need to do this, but with additional elements. I am selling wedding stationery, but need to bundle some up, have different designs, and different amounts of each thing within a bundle. Is that possible?

  2. how would I do this kind of design but being able for the customer to choose more than one colour for a single product? would a select button work on each of the colours then a continue button at bottom of page linked to the next step?

  3. How can I allow my clients to choose between a frontal, lace closure or 360 frontal wig, then choose the style and color? Thank you for this tutorial. I actually asked the people who created Alonzo Arnold's wig website to create my own "design your own wig" section and got no response. I'm glad you have this posted so that i could create this design myself.
    Also can you update this. It's hard to follow since wix updated their website design.

  4. Wowwww I have to watch again, but I am SO amazed at how quickly you figured this out and created this tutorial (the second one you did for me in two days! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! How can I connect with you further, I'd love for you to be a guest in my facebook group one day!

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