SEO And Web Design Tips: Hyperlocal SEO Webinar 2015

SEO And Website Design Tip: Hyperlocal SEO Webinar 2015

Training class on real estate website search engine optimization. Presented by Grant Gould.

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4 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Hyperlocal SEO Webinar 2015

  1. With so much information around us at all times, people are becoming more specific about what they what and how they want it. Generic optimization methods that only take care of tags, headers and keywords are not enough. People are looking for results about specific regions, brands and times. It is a result of the evolution of geo-marketing over the last couple of years. Results are no longer local. The SERPs are hyperlocal, and that is what the search engine users want to see.

    Anyways, read the below. This might help.

    Sourav Basak
    Namaste UI

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