SEO And Web Design Tips: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in 2019 [SMMA]

SEO And Website Design Tip: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in 2019 [SMMA]

Start your own SMMA today! 👇👇

The new year is here which means we have big goals! If you’re wanting to start your own digital marketing agency, you’ve found the right video!

Step 1:
Educate Yourself
Learn as much as you can about Digital Marketing and get a better understanding of the industry before trying to sell your service
Have a solid understanding of running email marketing campaigns, what SEO and PPC are, what design and development are, how to create online funnels, how to find clients, outsourcing, pricing, and selling your services.

CE uses a process called SWEPS. These are the major parts of Digital Marketing that you have to understand in order to run a successful Digital Marketing Agency.
Social Media Marketing
Website Design
Email Marketing
Pay-Per-Click Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

Step 2:
Pricing Your Services:
Create Pricing Tiers based on services provided.
Tier 1 – $999 [Management Fee + $500 Ad Spend – %25 Fee] = $1399
Make sure you are getting paid.
Do NOT Give away services for FREE
Charge a Minimum $500+
Tier 2 – $1999
Tier 3 – $4999

Step 3:
Create Business Plan
Come up with your company name, determine what industry or niche, and service offering.

Step 4:
Approach Businesses
This can be done through cold calling, networking events or even doing digital marketing audits for businesses.

Step 5:
Getting Results
Once you land clients and you are getting new business you have to be able to prove to current clients and any future clients that you get results.

Step 6:
Build Your Team:
Once you get some clients paying at least $3000 per month, building a team is going to be essential.
Find people to create content, edit your video content, copywriters, graphic designers.

Are you ready to start your business in 2019?

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29 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency in 2019 [SMMA]

  1. Jordan is a great one when it comes to SMMA. I am currently going through the course and it is FIRE! DO not hesitate to watch his other videos. It will be well worth your time.

  2. So I am 17 years old and I started my marketing agency in August of 2018. In terms of a course for digital marketing I got the local marketing vault. I have been cold calling going to meetups and I am not able to land anything. If someone could help me out and talk to me of how I can do this and get started on the right footing I would appreciate that. I just need clients.

  3. Hi Jordan, I started back when this was still called Google places and what works for me, is this, depending on what the business is about, IE. say a bakery, phone them up and ask them would they be interested in getting 50 more clients per week. businesses all want more "business" Ask the guy what sort of deal he would he be willing to offer new customers. Like 20% discount. Then, place the tiniest ad in a local newspaper with these words: CUT OUT this ad and take it along to Joe's Bakery in First Avenue to get 20% off on your purchase. Now, before you go ballistic about ad prices I managed to do a deal with a local newspaper about future regular ad placements and get a 50% cut on cost. A week later, contact the guy about his new sales, If he's happy, sign him up for $500 per month running the ad 6 months. (P.S.) These ads seldom run for only 6 months, some are in their second year because every month they can see new customers with discount ads. Who in their right mind will stop a sweet deal like that? Then sign up the next business niche for $500 and so on. It flat out works for me.

  4. Yessir!! Great informative video!! I've unfortunately bought a garbage program a month ago when I came across this business model. I fell for the hype. I won't mention the Company or the 2 guys that created it but I will say it was a cash grab. Made no damn sense at all.

  5. Hi again Jordan, Thank you so much. Now I can see the first video. However, the second video in the funnel is still not working and I would love to see it. Thanks again : )

  6. Ok so if I want to sell clothes would I really want to worry about SEO and PPC . Like I do t really see people googling clothes . Wouldn’t Facebook video view campaigns be better for cold traffic and then retarget interested people ?

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