SEO And Web Design Tips: How to Speed Up Your Website And Increase Your Website's Revenue

SEO And Website Design Tip: How to Speed Up Your Website And Increase Your Website's Revenue

Learn the 4 steps to massively speeding up your website and increasing your revenue.

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Amazon did a study and found that every second delayed their website loads, they lose 1% of their revenue.

Of course, you won’t lose as much money as Amazon, but it is proportional. This is why you need your website to load fast.

So here is how you speed up your website.

Step #1: Google Page Speed – Google gives you a tool that shows you a score of 1 to 100. 100 meaning you are doing a good job and 1 meaning you are doing a terrible job.

Google Page Speed tells you what you need to fix to have a fast load time on desktop and mobile devices.

Step #2: Google AMP framework – Google released a framework that allows your site to load extremely fast on mobile devices. Use the AMP framework to speed up your mobile site. If you are using WordPress you can leverage Google’s AMP framework with a simple plugin.

Step #3: Content Delivery Network – people will visit your site from all over the world. By having your content on servers all over the world. your site will load faster as your site will be closer in proximity to their location.

There are dozens of CDN options to choose from, pick the one that works seamlessly with your hosting provider.

Step #4: Cache your website – using plugins like W3TotalCache you can cache your site so it loads fast. Every time someone visits your site they will see a cached version which will improve their experience.

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33 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: How to Speed Up Your Website And Increase Your Website's Revenue

  1. Brother, I am in a confusion. Does social media share button effects on SEO.? when I try to add this my site speed get down. what should I do? please replay. please……

  2. I went to google page speed. Holy smokes I was at 50 % , now I'm on it trying to fit it. Thanks for the video, although I'll return to it to do the other tips after I'm done with the first one.

  3. A very important question about CDN. As you said that CDN providing companies host our website in countries from where traffic is coming but are their all servers protected against hackers and internet security? Or does their main server like US server is most protected?

  4. hi Neil, I am a big fan of yours you said about CDN I have big doubt I was affiliating targeting us customer but I stay in India does it mean I won't get any traffic from the USA as I am hosted in India, please help

  5. If you are looking for the top service to get website visitors to your web page, i suggest to try seowebsitetraffic. I am using it with an excellent result. Just simply type seowebsitetraffic in the search engines.

  6. Hey Neil,
    You told about page speed checking, but you didn't tell how to fix them (nor any youtuber in a proper way).
    I and many other, as non-techie faces the most common problem i.e. "Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content". And we have no clue what this means.
    Hope you could help.

  7. Neil hello
    I am advocate waqas from Pakistan. my website ranking down when I change theme of my website I need your advice please if again I change the theme which was previously activated my ranking will progress or not?? if it happened due to other cause please let me know. appreciate your sincerity with people

  8. I have done the page speed test for my website and it is showing the score of 67/100 for the mobile version of my website. I am not being able to comprehend the instructions that are provided. Please help.

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