SEO And Web Design Tips: How To Rank Higher On Google Maps 2018 | Google My Business SEO

SEO And Website Design Tip: How To Rank Higher On Google Maps 2018 | Google My Business SEO

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How to get #1 rankings in the Google maps. A completely, ethical, white hat strategy to get first page rankings fast.


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Ranking in the Google maps has become more and more important over time.

As the internet expands, more and more people become reliant on small businesses that they can depend on locally.

There are many benefits of being a local business in Google’s eyes. First and foremost you get priority in rankings when someone types in a local search.

For example, if you typed in, “painting company in X” your local business would appear over a business like a HomeAdvisor

So with that being said, how can you rank above your competitors in your local market with SEO.

In this video, I cover four very important ranking factors for higher Google map rankings in 2018


If you follow these steps closely, you will see your rankings climb.

Will it be overnight? No. But it will pay off when your business listing starts climbing and you start receiving more phone calls as a result of this.

If you were to ever have a question about local SEO and ranking in the local map packs.. just leave a comment below 🙂


Ruan M. Marinho

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23 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: How To Rank Higher On Google Maps 2018 | Google My Business SEO

  1. Why don't anyone make some practical demo for SEO? You may not get the first place in the video.But the audience will get some idea about how to fight for a keyword or how to get ranked

  2. Couple of questions. 1) In terms of reviews, which is more effective at keeping me on the first page of results? Multiple reviews over a very short amount of time? Or reviews spread out over a gradual amount of time? And 2) Does making new Google Business Posts every week, help to keep my listing on top?

  3. Ok u told us what needs to be done now show us how to do it u told us what has to be done with out showing us how to do it if I was going to pay someone I wouldn’t care how they did it

  4. Thank you for this! What if you already have tons of relevant images added over months but didn't title them? Do I have to delete them, title the then reload?? Please say there is an easier way.

  5. Do you know how Google list the google maps business because if i do my keywords search my customer's biz is listed but doesn't even show up and if I click on the best rated filter he goes to the top

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