SEO And Web Design Tips: How To Make a WordPress Website – Sydney

SEO And Website Design Tip: How To Make a WordPress Website – Sydney

My new Sydney WordPress Tutorial using Elementor is live 🙂
There are a million reasons why you should make a WordPress website for your business with the free Sydney theme. Let me show you a few as we build a website from scratch together.

Demo Site:
Copy-Paste Me Custom CSS:

Thank you for watching – it means so much!! Please comment so that I can hear from everyone!!

Quick Links

How to get free help 6:30
5 Steps & what it costs 7:29
Get domain and hosting 11:57
Nameserver step 22:08
Install WordPress 26:34
Is WordPress working yet? 30:24
Change password 31:23
Login to WP 31:48
WP tour 33:14
Install Sydney theme 35:29
Plugins 38:22
Add pages 41:20
Add menu 46:43
Google friendly permalinks 49:05
Start creating homepage 53:18
Services B 1:03:14
Anchor link buttons 1:08:38
What’s Your Next Move 1:17:11
Team section 1:30:45
Facts/counting stats 1:35:38
Testimonials 1:40:16
Portfolio/our work 1:43:44
Get free images on Pixabay 1:45:13
Data 1:50:15
Call to action 1:57:04
Homepage video 1:59:30
Image slider 2:02:12
Client logos 2:11:48
Add blog posts 2:18:00
Social icons 2:26:11

BONUS Content to help you create a complete website!

Add cool pages:
Bigger slider text:
Create logo for free:
Edit footer copyright:
Layout builder demo:

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44 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: How To Make a WordPress Website – Sydney

  1. Dear Greg,
    Nearly two years ago, I made my first website thank to your tutorial. It was a school project and I was already happy. Today I used this tutorial again to make my company's website, and I am just so thankful. This is really an amazing video where all information is really clear and explained in detail.
    I almost never write comment below a Youtube video but for yours I already did it twice, because I think your job is really worth it.
    Thank you once again Greg!

  2. Love this tutorial but please help. for some reason my "See all my news" button is not showing up. I have the bluberry podcast plugin for both audio and video posts , not sure if that matters. But if you get a second can you let me know. Great tutorial

  3. Wonderful Tutorial , I will give you kudos and sent you a link when I'm done so others can use your service, one question I am struggling with, under the employee section I cannot get any of the bio text to show up. Any thoughts

  4. Hey Greg I paid my subscription to Hostgator and the payment went through but I never received a confirmation email. This is starting to concern me as it's now been a few days and Hostgator customer service is not responding even though I've given details. Is this some sort of scam?

  5. hy, please i tried following the tutorial to create my website, and after choosing sydney theme, the image and links icons on the homepage didnt show.what i'm i going to do please

  6. Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/voquocda/public_html/wp-content/plugins/sydney-toolbox/sydney-toolbox.php on line 103

  7. Also, a little bit confused with regards to when adding a service (1:00:00 ish) why does WP decide that the service goes on the home page/first page, can it not go anywhere else?
    It is automatically linked to there…
    Just a bit confused.

  8. Hi Greg.
    For Sydney, 'page builder has seem to be replaced by Elementor, which do you think is more appropriate and more compatibly useful.
    Page builder doesn't seem to be recommended by Sydney anymore!

  9. Great teaching, thanks Greg. I am trying to decide between Ocean and Sydney themes. Which one is easier to use? More intuitive? I don't want to create fancy websites, just clean, fast and functional. I have some experience with WP but have not had a theme which used Elementor or similar. Page builders look like they make everything so much more streamlined.

  10. Thank You For this Awesome Video! It was so easy to follow and I loved the setup of the Website. I "FINALLY"! Have a Beautiful, functional Website that I can be proud of & I did it myself! Can't wait to send my customers over to my new Site. Thanks again Greg, I will definitely post about this tutorial on all of my Social Media Platforms. Keep up the Great Work!

  11. Greg I really like how you teach us through this theme. I am a business owner that is not good with computers, but I need to adjust my footer padding. Without adding another plugin or writing code is there a way to shrink the footer?

  12. Greg, I am on the step that involves code. As you say in the video, you have provided a link that will bring me to the code to copy and paste. It seems, however, that the link no longer works. Could you provide me with the code you use at about 1:22:00 of your video?

  13. Hi Greg! Your tutorial is really great, only I have a problem with my site. Somehow there is a white overlay at the posts, etc. so this doesn't look nice. In the header area on the pages (picture) I have a black overlay. Can you please help me to get rid of these overlays? Thank you very much. Doris

  14. Please quick question, I was trying to link some of my command (call to action) buttons to a pop up form which ask for name and email but couldn’t find none on Sydney, of course a complete newbie. NEED HELP!

  15. Hey Greg… it’s awesome following you on here. Was a complete newbie with WordPress and building websites completely last week but, man you are a great teacher! You make it so easy. Much Love man. I salute you.

  16. Thanks Greg. I used this video when first building my new site and you made doing it fun and productive and (almost) effortless. Since tweaking some things ( and dealing with WordPress's automatic updates that change the footer copyright notice (grrr!) ) I've watched your other videos about the Sydney theme, and used your expertise to sort things out. I need to look at your Elementor tutorials too, but I see that WordPress are going to launch a new editor in November. I will undoubtedly be looking for your input and tutorage about that ! Thanks again..Terry.

  17. Hey man this is a great tutorial. Can you please update the "copy me" CSS link in the description though. It currently goes to a "We're moving" page. Apart from that, this is such a great help.

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