SEO And Web Design Tips: How to Make a WordPress Website – 2018 Avada Theme

SEO And Website Design Tip: How to Make a WordPress Website – 2018 Avada Theme

Want to learn how to make a website yourself in a couple hours? This is the first comprehensive YouTube demonstration of the popular Avada WordPress theme, the top selling WordPress theme on themeforest.

Cheat sheet:
Example website:

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00:24 – Desktop and mobile Demo
01:00 – Tutorial Overview
02:52 – Get Domain and hosting

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10:25 – Install WordPress and log in! This is the powerful engine of your website.
18:16 – Get the Avada Theme:
24:23 – Import Demo Content:
32:39 – Initial Settings and Tasks


38:35 – Choose your Front Page (ie. homepage)
40:17 – Create a Homepage Slider and add Slides
42:38 – Add Slides after setting up Homepage slider
43:25 – Configure slider buttons
51:16 – Add homepage panels and elements!


1:47:17 – New pages and the Content Editor
1:49:38 – Editing the sidebar of a Content Page
1:55:28 – Editing the website footer areas
2:04:02 – Contact Page, including map and form!
2:17:10 – Main menu navigation – customize it!
2:21:19 – Outro and congrats! Please ask any questions in the comments.

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44 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: How to Make a WordPress Website – 2018 Avada Theme

  1. Can someone please point me in a direction so I know what I should be searching for? I used a custom css snippet to hide a container bg image on mobile, and assigned the css key to the container I wanted effected and it worked. I later changed my mind and deleted all the custom css i added, but it's still not showing the bg image again. I'm not sure what to do or where to look next. It's like it hardcoded the custom css into the theme and refuses to change back.

  2. hi why cant I download the classic demo from The Alternate Method Demo Backup Files? it looks like a big page of random txt, it doesn't allow me to download? im stuck at this point.

  3. TNX for a great tutorial. I am about 58 minutes in. How come when i go into fusion builder i can't add a full-width container and the builder elements are not there either? Hope you can help me.

  4. This is pretty amazing for you to do this for everyone trying to follow their dreams!! Does the normal hosting recommendation still apply? Is WordPress Hosting needed?

  5. I saw the tutorial was firstly import avada demo, and you moved all the pages(demo) into trash, and then set up our own web on the basis of the demo constructer, my questions is : can we just build our website without import the avada demo? wait for your answer, thanks.

  6. Great tutorial! I'm almost to the point about adding the google maps. Just wondering: How can I universally change all button colors in Avada theme? Also, do you have a tutorial on setting up "The Events Calendar" as a tiny sidebar widget?

  7. I'm enjoying this tutorial, but I can't get past about 24 min. I can't download the demos. Is Avada support horrible? I have my client's key, but I can't contact support online at all without being able to activate the key. It says it already belongs to somebody, but my client doesn't know their login info and I'm afraid if I re-register it to me it might break somthing. Any ideas? #Avada #AvadaTheme #ThemeFusion #WordPressThemes

  8. WOW i'm so glad I've invested my time in watching this. I've gone from knowing nothing and fumbling my way around to feeling confident in making a start in my own website. BIG THANK YOU!! Im off to squizz your other video clips now.

  9. Hi,

    Great tutorial !

    I am stuck at the google map function.
    It won't work for me because they are asking for an API key from Google.
    I've done all the steps and filled in the API Key.
    Still my google maps area on the contact page is grey.

    Do you have an idea how to fix this?

  10. When i put pictures in my slider they crop for example the head of women who is on the picture. Picture is resized to 2000px x 500px but the slider still cuts off the head. How can I change this thing?

  11. Great Job Buddy you saved me today. one question, how do you change the color of the theme , right now it is green , is there anyway we can put a custom made color to it?

  12. Thank you!!!

    Best tutorial and great hacks on using this theme.

    I bought this theme a few years back and found the documentation overwhelming. I watched some other videos back then and still didn't get it and came out with what I feel was a pretty lame looking website.

    Fast forward. I need to update another website and fortunately found your video. Now I get the power of Avada thanks to your video and also get how to maximally take advantage of the page elements that its creators put into it.


  13. Hi, great tutorial and just what I was looking for thank you. Quick question…If you just want a static one image for your homepage heading, do I still use the slider option or just add it as a normal image? Hope this makes sense.

  14. Just wondering how you can place the caption heading "Set Up this Website: Step by Step" on the home page so that it is located near the top left corner of the page rather than centered in the middle – great tutorial by the way

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