SEO And Web Design Tips: Google Sheets – Dashboard Tutorial – Part 1

SEO And Website Design Tip: Google Sheets – Dashboard Tutorial – Part 1

Learn how to create dynamic dashboards in Google Sheets. This video tutorial will demosntrate examples of skills that will help you create functional and good looking dashboards.

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23 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Google Sheets – Dashboard Tutorial – Part 1

  1. Would've been extremely helpful if you could've linked the tutorial videos you suggested we watch first in the description! That's my only criticism though. You make great vids!

  2. Hi , I did the same example and it gives me an error message , the message is : Result was not automatically expanded , Please insert more rows (10336) formula is =QUERY(Transaction!A1:Q," SELECT *",1),, can I have your comment please , thanks.

  3. Hi. Thanks for the video everything is working but when I combine the formula all together it is not working, it's not pulling up the date based on the dropdown list except for the option "All" Can you help me? This is what my formula looks like on the temp sheet: =Query(Master!A1:N,"Select A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K , L, M" & IF(COUNTBLANK(HelperFormulas!A1:A3)=3,""," Where " & TEXTJOIN(" AND ",TRUE, HelperFormulas!A1:A3)),1)

  4. Hi buddy, thanks for your tutorial. I have a doubt. I have a form that is already filled with information. I would like to create a simple interface where I can put a key word and the program find or no that word and show the results. is the same CTRL+F, but I would like to show on the screen, all information that the program found. Do you have some clue about it please? Thanks

  5. How did you copy the Pivot Table from one sheet to the other. When I try it at my end it seems to copy only the values. Any changes in the original Pivot does not reflect on the Pivot I have copied to the new sheet.

  6. Great video as usually. One valid remark which maybe should be highlited in video for other users. Once you do filters in pivots to exclude (blanks) it will mean that in case new state or saler_rep will show up in Transactions (during upload new records) will be excluded default at pivots and going to be not included in dashboard. Do you have any solution for that?

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