SEO And Web Design Tips: Facebook Lookalike Audience Tutorial, Pro-tips & Secrets

SEO And Website Design Tip: Facebook Lookalike Audience Tutorial, Pro-tips & Secrets

Creating a Facebook lookalike audience is one of the most fool-proof ways you can reach way more of your most ideal customers online.

In this video, I’ll explain why, what you need to get started, and finally, I’ll walk you through HOW to do it, step-by-step inside my own Facebook Ads Manager. I promise I won’t leave anything out, and by the end of the video, you’ll be able to confidently create your own Facebook lookalike audience without running into any technical snags.

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37 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Facebook Lookalike Audience Tutorial, Pro-tips & Secrets

  1. I ran a video views ad to a 2d explainer video on what my marketing agency does and offers. I have about 1.6k views. Should i start retargeting and create look alike of 50%+ watched or wait to get more views? Thank you so much

  2. How can i narrow down lookalike audience based on an entire country to specific locations? If i will choose lookalike audience based on an entire country, can i narrow it down by targeting specific location from the choose location option? Please Help.

  3. Would it be beneficial to do a lookalike audience from facebook leads you have captured for automotive dealers who have a smaller radius since we target up to 50-60 miles out from the dealership?

  4. Just came across your video and learned so much from it. As a first time business owner advertising is a challenging area for me. I’m so glad I was able to find your channel. How can I set up a free consultation?

  5. Love your content Wes. I'm curious what you use to capture the video of your computer screens. Your vids always look super clean and seemless when doing it.

  6. Great video thanks. I think this was answered a few comments back, but just want to be sure I understand. I get that I can create a LLA for a country. Can I then, when creating my Ad use the LLA in conjunction with a radius filter so that I am using LLA data for that specific city?

  7. Hi, great video thanks. I always have the same question with these type of audiences. Should I simply choose it without country limitations and interests or even gender? I mean is it safe to use the lookalike audience without any other additional parameter?

  8. Great video! When you use a LLA, and you run a local business, should you mess with the interests and age targeting at the ad set level? Or just deliver ads to your radius, and not do anything with ages, make/female, interests, etc.?

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Cold traffic doesn't work too well for me as far as conversions. I changed the ad objective to website visitors and will create a LAL after 1-2K visits. I will snowball up to ATC, checkouts, and finally conversions.

  10. If I'm just starting out my new business, do I have to wait until I get 200+ sales before I should even think about using a lookalike audience?

  11. This was a lot of help thank you so much for posting it. Just a quick question, can you put in more than one column when you're uploading a list? So, email home phone and mobile phone?

  12. Great explanation of how to create a lookalike audience! Just one question when creating the lookalike audience and choosing a location e.g. US, do i target a specific location like cities in the US when i create my ad?

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