SEO And Web Design Tips: Drive Traffic To Your Website – Wix SEO Tips – Wix Website Tutorial 2018

SEO And Website Design Tip: Drive Traffic To Your Website – Wix SEO Tips – Wix Website Tutorial 2018

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The goal of any website is to drive more traffic so that they can generate more leads. Learning SEO can be a difficult process, but in this video, I wanted to nail down some easy SEO tips to instantly improve the traffic coming to your website. Wix actually provides some fairly comprehensive tools to help you maximize your SEO. Do note, these tips will help you with your SEO, but they are not every key to maximize getting found on major search engines like Google. Google uses complex algorithms to scour your website for SEO purposes. You need to utilize webmaster tools, backlinking, and much more to truly maximize your SEO. However, I hope these quick and easy tips help you advance in your knowledge of maximizing your SEO for Google and on Wix.
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28 thoughts on “SEO And Web Design Tips: Drive Traffic To Your Website – Wix SEO Tips – Wix Website Tutorial 2018

  1. hey there could i please email you a link to my website to review/check it out. i worked a lot on it but i have no traffic at all in the first 4 days. is this normal?

  2. Wow I just went thru the entire google search again and my company is not even listed. I own a cleaning company and google actually lists the VFW, furniture companies, insurance companies under a simple search for house cleaning in my area. I can't believe I actually paid for this Sorry wix your seo @@%! Optimized for a year and half and furniture companies appear. I am dumbfounded!

  3. On my SEO wiz it says that my Homepage is not optimized (#3), needing business or site name to get the green check. I have site name several times on the home page. What am I not doing right to get this checked off?

  4. How much would it cost to have my sites seo be given the royal treament . Its a basic site and ive done it all myself , its seo isnt that bad but im no wizard at it . Just wondering.

  5. there are no more handles to resize an image in height and width on my editor. A few days ago it was possible to do my layout. I am a photographer and I need to present my photos to the exact size I want. If this is no longer possible wix editor is no longer interesting for photographers and for others. Thank you for informing me.

  6. Thanks dude 🙂
    All the old WIX x SHOPIFY are scare for me cause I just got the Wix ecommerce and they flame the Wix so hard, saying it's shitty compared to Shopify.
    But all the new videos have shown Wix has improved a lot.

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