SEO And Web Design Tips: Bruce Clay SEO Plugin for WordPress Overview

SEO And Website Design Tip: Bruce Clay SEO Plugin for WordPress Overview

Demo the new Bruce Clay SEO WP plugin, which brings needed SEO enhancements to give WordPress publishers a competitive edge! In this video demonstration, Aaron Landerkin (director of software development for Bruce Clay, Inc.) highlights the plugin’s features and design, which ties in analytics and real-time competitive analysis per keyword to give WordPress users smarter optimization guidelines that aren’t just a checklist of best practices.

Bruce Clay SEO is the first WordPress SEO plugin of its kind. Rather than giving hard-coded recommendations to optimize a page, this plugin is powered by the SEOToolSet® to analyze the top-ranked pages for your keywords. This is a MASSIVE difference-maker compared to other WordPress SEO plugins on the market today. It’s also compatible with the Yoast SEO plugin, so you can use both for greater insights.

Interested? You can download a 7-day free trial of the plugin if you visit
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