SEO And Web Design Tips: Best Website Design: The SECRET To a Beautiful Site!

SEO And Website Design Tip: Best Website Design: The SECRET To a Beautiful Site!

You want to remake your business’ image online, and your first step would be to remake your website. You’ve hired the IT person and the creative person, but you just can’t seem to bring your idea through to all these people. How do you manage?

In this video, I’m going to be talking about what it takes to bring everyone on the same page so that the website you’ve always dreamed about can come to life. Watch on to learn about the creative brief.
D O W N L O A D C R E A T I V E B R I E F:

00:21 How do you get all these people to be on the same page?
01:30 What do I do as a business?
01:44 What’s the tone?
02:37 List 3 competitor websites that you lose business to on a regular basis
03:38 Name 3 websites you would like your site to reflect
04:09 What are the colors you envision for your site?
04:30 Have the right pictures
05:28 Only 3 main things on your homepage
06:26 What 3 things do you want people to do before they leave your site?
07:17 Make sure you’re building a responsive site

Watch and Enjoy!
Heather Lutze

Helpful Resources
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Video by Nate Woodbury


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