SEO And Web Design Tips: 3 Configurations For Creating A Mobile Website

SEO And Website Design Tip: 3 Configurations For Creating A Mobile Website

Mobile Configurations

Back in April 2015, Google made it clear to digital marketers and website owners that mobile was to be of high importance to them with ‘Mobilegeddon’. This algorithm update aimed to give mobile-friendly websites a ranking boost in the mobile search results, ensuring that users are served websites that are optimised for the device they’re using.

Since April, brands across the globe have rushed to implement a mobile-friendly website to avoid any ranking and consequently organic traffic decreases.

Today Luke discusses the three mobile configurations used by website owners when creating a mobile optimised website. These three configurations are:

– Responsive Web Design
– Dynamic Serving
– Separate URLs

For each configuration, there are individual pros and cons. From consolidating authority to being able to effectively target a different type of user, there are factors that webmasters need to be aware of to ensure to correct configuration is implemented.

Find out what configuration best suits the needs of your business and the needs of your user; watch Luke’s Mobile Configurations video.

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