Estate Agents Tips: Your First 30 Days As A Real Estate Agent..

Estate Agents Tip: Your First 30 Days As A Real Estate Agent..

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What is Your First 30 days as a real estate agent really like??!

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47 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Your First 30 Days As A Real Estate Agent..

  1. Becoming a Realtor was a long held dream. Well February 2019 I made that happen. I have learned so much from you BC, thank you for sharing your journey and wisdom with us. Next week I am closing on my first deal. But I am not focused just on my closing, I am asking myself what is next. Can't focus just on today, but also on tomorrow. I realize I am new, but I am willing to learn. Be okay not knowing everything, and be willing to be uncomfortable.

  2. My classes start April 29th and I’m ready to kill it! I have great people skills and great confidence. The only thing missing is my license! Check back in another year for an update! Aiming for 6 figures by 2020!!!!

  3. Just came to the end of my first month as a real estate agent with Keller Williams in the Middle Tennessee area Nashville shout out! Already put my first house under contract and working on five other HOT leads! Guys, just get out there and talk to people! Find a captive audience, the cashiers at every place you stop by at, friends and family, ask direct unavoidable questions that require an answer and make the person replying stop and think. Who do you know that had real estate needs? Instead of, Do you know anyone that needs to buy or sell a home? Calls, call ,call, knock on doors in neighborhoods with homes already listed for sale. You know those people are already wondering what their house is worth and how much that house listed will sell for. The worst thing they can do is say NO and you walk away NO BIG DEAL! This stuff is easy when you break down into small pieces and take baby steps, don't look at the big picture, take it one day at a time, and ROCK IT!

  4. i’m 18 starting my pre licenseing course on thursday! i’m nervous haha. i can’t wait till i’m an agent. i’m just worried i won’t be taken seriously due to my age.

  5. Thank you so much for your energy & content. I’m excited to be enrolling in my CA RE courses in the coming week. I have been hyper-saturating myself with quality content for a while now and can not wait to get started!

  6. Hi Bryan 🙂 I’ve been watching your videos for almost a year and I passed my exam on Wednesday! Now I’m binge watching all of your videos (and Loidas too) and getting my online presence ready…. my license can’t get here fast enough!

  7. Thanks for this man, I’m waiting on meeting my mentor and getting ready to start the process. It’s scary stepping into the unknown. I’ve been binge watching your videos for a couple days now lol

  8. Bryan, after over a year of watching you on YouTube and social media I decided to get my real estate license. I just passed my exam on Monday. I plan to join exp here in Houston, Texas. Thank you for the inspiration, sharing your journey and providing great content.

  9. Sitting in for license in 9 days!! Been binging your videos for the past week and I’m ready to grind. I love how realistic and honest you are I feel like so many mediocre agents have just been giving me lip service and imposing their self doubt onto me but you’ve given me a lot of hope and info on how to attain my goals for year 1.

  10. I took the real estate exam here in Florida yesterday and I passed! Thank you Jesus! I’ve been listening to your videos for about a month now and I love how you’ve made the real estate industry real and exciting. Keep teaching the truth about what being a real estate again really means cause it’s helped me stay focus on what I need to do to be the best agent I can be. Thank you Bryan, you are awesome!

  11. Love the energy and support! I work at a doctors office and I will probably talk to about 30 something people a day, after watching your videos I have started practicing my communication skills and it has made me become even more confident.Love your videos!!

  12. @Bryan Casella I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU and you videos! These videos are so incredible helpful for my motivation 🙂 I am a 21 yr old student in Sweden doing my first year in my Business and Administration Bachelor 😛 But I am seriously considering Real Estate in a few years. But anyhow, these videos are so much more than real estate, they are a mindset. I follow you, Ryan Serhant and Jordan Belfort super close, I am so grateful you share your skills and inspiration to the rest of us, definitely helps me get through school and nail job interviews 🙂

  13. I’m 26, married with my first kid. Just bought myself a house this year and have been a district Manager for a company for 2 1/2 years now. Always wanted to do real estate and have made myself fail because I stick nonsense in my head. I always stay up late “dreaming” about how much I can do and all the shit I know I am capable of. This year I’ve decided to stop talking about it and being about it. So I Just finished my RE course and am currently studying to pass the state exam. I’m over thinking it and keep getting hung up retaining the material. I finally managed to get on modern success and I am on the way to changing the ways I have been living, I have a lot to learn and work on. Continuing to get as much knowledge from you as possible to make the right moves out of the gate.

  14. Can you explain how you consistently physically met and talked to 50 people a day and how you did it without coming off as a complete weirdo? Please don't just like this comment and move on!

  15. Love your videos! You are a blessing. Thanks for taking the time to put out content to help people who were once in your shoes. I'm about to be licensed and going to take my state exam very soon. I would love more series on this video:) thanks!

  16. Perfect timing for this video. I was talking to an experienced agent friend out of state and discussing how a serious game plan is needed for the first month…and how this is lacking for most people. I just got a activated with my broker last week. I'm in FL. I am going to transition into real estate out of my career as a chiropractor. I've seen that KW has a solid program but that won't work for professionals going from a full-time job to real estate, since it is held during the day. Regardless of the time issue, most brokers I've spoken with don't have a step by step plan for their new agents. They might have a bunch of Brian Buffini videos on demand or some old DVD's, but no order to them, no plan of attack. I asked a couple of them, "If was to work with you, where would you have me start?" The common answer was, "Just read the video titles and look at what interests you." Others brag about their awesome CRM software. I asked when the next training was scheduled for that. They say, just play around on it and you'll figure it out. Thank you for your videos Bryan. I sincerely appreciate them.

  17. Hey BC! I have experience selling land and timeshares in a Gated Community in Pennsylvania.(I’m very use to hearing the word NO.) I also have a degree in Residential Construction. I’m making the leap to becoming a Real Estate Agent with a Brokerage in a small town in Pennsylvania. I’ve went through your channel and appreciate all the valuable content you provide for free. Thanks for sharing!
    B. Diehl

  18. Hey BC, just started my pre-licensing course. Your videos are great! I’m looking to get a coach sooner than later and am wonder which of your products/services you would suggest I start with. I’m getting a lot of information right now and am looking to make the most sense of it all in the most reasonable amount of time possible. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge!

  19. Since I’ve been watching your videos, I have been pumped and knocked out the 3 real estate classes in 6-7 weeks. My attitude is stronger and I’m inventing my brand and it’s starting to show…be recognized. People are seeing my value now my confidence. Still going to press hard with this real estate stuff as soon as I pass my exam. Prospecting for sure though. Thanks BC.

  20. I’m so excited for your podcast I just subscribed! I’m really really interested in starting real estate and being successful and this video is motivation to continue and make it a goal for completion! I’m still studying the coursework!!

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