Estate Agents Tips: WRONG Things They Teach NEW Real Estate Agents!!!

Estate Agents Tip: WRONG Things They Teach NEW Real Estate Agents!!!

Here are wrong things they teach new real estate agents! Be VERY CAREFUL of what advice or guidance you take… as it can lead you down the wrong path. Follow the right people!!

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28 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: WRONG Things They Teach NEW Real Estate Agents!!!

  1. BC great question , quick question … i am a new agent and a friend of mine is looking for an investment property ( he knows i new ) he is my first client … but he is absolutely needy asking me to look for the cheapest possible investment foreclosed properties with tenants already in it … he messages me every 5 mins asking if i found something for him . Last weekend i spend all day showing .. he is low bawling everyone hoping one takes his offer .. what should i do .. my commission is probably going to be $500 ( if I’m lucky ) should i continue for the experience ??

  2. Thanks. New agent watching and learning from the pros. Not really comfortable posting on social media for some reason but you and a couple other pros are helping me see the potential in being fearless and getting out there. There I didn’t discard this comment.

  3. Thank you so much for what you said about being honest! It makes me sick in my stomach to hear those scripts "Oh I have a buyer interested in your house…" I was in car sales, never deceived and sold average number of cars or better depending on a month.

  4. Bryan- I love these videos- huge fan and you've helped me thru the early stages of my new career. I'm in my 50s and after a long career in tech sales, decided the time was right to actually sell something people care about as much as I do.

    I just received my license last week, connected with a brokerage and mentor…and even drive an Uber to help pay the bills AND drive new leads.

    My question— if I had to put a list of 10 things together to ensure a successful (blowing out of the water) first year…what would it be? Honesty is top of the list….finding listings NOT just buyers…Door knock, yes…but what really seals it, Bryan? What's the top 10 list if you had to put out that way?
    Brian D

  5. Dude you hit the nail on the head! Bc you are really good and so is Tom Ferry and my buddy that has been doing this for 20 years. I just got my licenses 10/19/2018 and I wish it was more simple as far as what to do…..the challenge is I work full time as well during the day

  6. You deserve so many more subscribers. Your videos have been very motivational and helpful in my preparation for my RE license. Currently enrolled in classes and I'm feeling confident in my future.

  7. Im apart of a few Facebook Groups and thats all they advise New Agents to do is Open Houses for other Agents and go after Buyers. Thats it. Oh and they push for you to work on a Team.

  8. Awesome, in my personal life I'm huge on honesty. I don't want to do anything if I have to lie to someone. My word is everything I'm glad you're encouraging me to stay true to myself. Great video

  9. in raleigh north carolina was just told to become a part of a company costs $991 and $100 a month the cut is 60/40 and every year goes down until the cut is 90/10. the company does give a fair amount of tools, like scripts etc, but i am looking for any feedback on this? I was told it is for every company in this state. Any feedback?

  10. Great video BC. True about apps and websites. TWICE I listened the audiobook done by Zillow called "Zillow talk: the new rules of real estate" and the founders (recorded with their own voices) talk about how real estate agents can NEVER BE REPLACED. They give "zestimates" and that CAN NOT compare to a CMA or an appraisal… I hear audio books in my car while travelling to work and I highly recommend it.

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