Estate Agents Tips: Why I Became a Real Estate Agent

Estate Agents Tip: Why I Became a Real Estate Agent

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The story of how and why I got into Real Estate.

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37 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Why I Became a Real Estate Agent

  1. Love it. I'm beginning my career in real estate because I'm a young professional actor who hasn't caught a huge break yet and need something that's flexible due to my acting career ( which has caused me to work shitty odd jobs for years) , incredibly lucrative, exciting, and something I can take pride in doing. The funny factor that gives me the confidence to know ill do great in the field is looking at the transformation I made in chasing the most beautiful women. The lack of fear of rejection that I am now all too comfortable with, the confidence, charisma and ability to communicate and create their desire for me while giving my absolute best performance in bed every time to ensure their return to me for my services 😉 Funny analogy I know. But a huge life changer in so many aspects.

  2. Hey just came across your page! I'm 28 and was thinking about pursuing a career in Real Estate. Just trying to learn and get as much info as possible. There more I watch the more I feel this is my opportunity and where I belong. Definitely subscribing and looking forward to watching more of your content!

  3. I'm almost done with my land agents license here in Australia. This video was in the recommended for me section and I'm really glad that I have watched it. Your story really motivated me as I'm 25 and I have been fully committed to football since I was a kid. Unfortunately in 2017 I have done my ACL twice in the same knee. I also believe that discipline, commitment and competitiveness will drive me to reach my goals within this career! Goodluck and you have my subscribe and follow on insta!

  4. Hi Bryan, thank you for the video. I just passed my RE exam and I'm looking to join exp Realty. I live in So Cal and was wondering if you're looking for more agents to join your team? If so, I'm interested in joining and learning more from you.

  5. Congrats on your success Bryan. Ive made the decision to take the class and get my license. Watching videos like this is helpful for me because it is scary to go into a career where if you don’t make a sale, you dont get paid. Everything rides on being able to make sales. I’ve always been told I have a solid work ethic and at every job I’ve had I’ve rose to the top, so I feel like in a job where your success is essentially dictated by the work you put in, I’ll do well. It’s thatfirst year or two I’m nervous about because I have two kids and a gf I’m planning on marrying so I need to provide. I’m going to try to turn that fear into motivation to kill the game, because failure is not an option!

  6. I remember that broker. Pastor David. I used to go to his church too. I remember Nelson too. Great people. I joined Century 21 but joined when the market tanked in 2007. I just signed up in Real Estate Express to get my license again. Thanks for posting this video Bryan!

  7. Wow I didn’t know you wanted to play pro basketball. As far as real estate I am still taking the school exam it has been killing me but I know I will pass it. I wanted to play pro baseball growing up but I wasn’t good enough so I was stuck and real estate call my attention. And that’s when the journey started I was an intern for 6 months. And I love it because I am able to help someone get a house or an apartment. I’m reside from New York by the way.

  8. I enrolled into an online school to get my license at the start of 2017, I’ve completed my courses just never took the exams to get my license…. this was the wake up call I needed.

  9. Currently an optical technician/sales but debating real estate agent or real estate photography. I currently do photography on the side and I also enjoy sales/ self competition of making the sale. Stuck on which Avenue to go down.

  10. I came across your channel from a coworker that used to play basketball with you in South City. I'm very grateful I came across your channel. Very inspiring and knowledgeable.

  11. are you religious? its like you know what to post just when i need it. i cant speak for anyone else but you have literally carried me through this journey dude.. almost feel like i owe you a commission split lol

  12. As always a great video! I`m in my 3rd week where I work and loving it. Of course I have the beginner wondering what to do. I have some great Ideas because of you and Loida.. I moved from( Laguna Beach where I grew up) and work in SF. I take notes on your videos too. My next plan is to work on scripts. I asked one of the realtors to role play with me last week and she was happy too.. Good times!

  13. bro BC looking Fit man those MMA classes paying off eh? hahaha thanks for all the content tho man appreciate all you do! your my numero uno teacher for real estate

  14. You played basketball at various levels?! Growing more on me as I continue to watch and learn from you. I'm honestly lacking greatly as an agent and it's all because of my mindset. I look to you and a few others for guidance, but I'm my own obstacle.

    Keep it up BC. Maybe one day I'll be successful enough to visit you in California and send a token of appteciation.

  15. Did you work at another job while trying to get your license? I am getting mine soon but I know it will take time to close sales so what do you think I could do in the beginning? I know it will take time to get good at it but I just want to know what you think I should do.

  16. Thank you for all your videos! I’m working on getting my license 🙂 Can’t wait!! Your videos are really helping me feel a little less anxious about going into this field.

  17. Thank you for these type of videos!im currently going to school to get my license but thinking of taking other classes and investing time to make my realtor business easier, Any suggestions on classes i should take ?

  18. Anytime I prepare for door knocking I watch some of your videos and find that they give me the motivation I need to go knock on that first door. Thank you! Keep it up Bryan!

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