Estate Agents Tips: Why Do SO Many Real Estate Agents Fail??

Estate Agents Tip: Why Do SO Many Real Estate Agents Fail??

Why do So many real estate agents fail? Are realtors just unlucky? What is REALLY going on… watch this video and i tell you exactly what is going wrong!! – website for products and Modern Success – for those interested in joining eXp Realty

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34 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Why Do SO Many Real Estate Agents Fail??

  1. many real estate agents fail because the deals do not MATURE enough and because we are working on COMMISSION from every deal it become difficult to go through your day to day expenses…

  2. IM only 16 years old and thinking of becoming a real estate agent and I need help. Im in Grade 10 And I would really like to know what is required to become a real estate agent starting from High school. Do I need to take any programs in High school. What Do I need to do in high school to become a real estate agent, and what degree or certificate do I need. If you could help me out I would appreciate it.

    Thank you!

  3. Your leadership skills are awesome. I absolutely will be watching them and using your info. I am new since January of this year and I am also with Keller Williams/Slidell, La, it is June and I am at 100,000,000.00 in sales volume as of my last closing. I have been through Ignite. Twice… LOL and Dotloop is still not my friend, so yeah…. I am Sooooooo glad I found you on youtube. I googled "How to Get More Listings?", and you came up and I just started listening and I am learning bunches from you. I am not afraid to cold call and have been door knocking and calling my sphere. Just wanted to do more. I guess I will need to start videoing myself as well, as It is my understanding that video approach is quickly growing. Very Very grateful for you!

  4. Word of caution, you need to "really" love real estate to be successful at it, that means liking people a lot and more importantly they like you. It's a trust confidence game if you're in it just for the money and no real passion for it, failure is imminent.

  5. Your communication skills are very nice and direct. Mainly because you can make an entire video and get your point across WITHOUT HAVING TO EDIT CUTS. You can just talk on the fly and make your message clear. Unlike some YouTubers who can't speak for more than 2 sentences without cutting each frame edit by edit. I'm only 17 years old and don't want to be a real estate agent but your channel and videos seem really cool 🙂

  6. Folks must tell everyone they are in real estate, and niche down on an area. in austin texas and so many focus on apartment locating. its crazy market in central texas at the moment. great video.

  7. Hey man, My mom gave me a lump sum money less than a week ago. I am not applying for "LOAN", I WISh to purchase a property full cash offer. I have listed in the memo description in my bank "Mothers Money". Do I have to wait a 60-days seasoning requirement or can i just buy right a way.

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