Estate Agents Tips: Wholesaling Houses With Real Estate Agents

Estate Agents Tip: Wholesaling Houses With Real Estate Agents

Wholesaling houses and real estate agents can be a perfect marriage and in this video I share what a real estate investor should expect when dealing with a real estate agent and how to wholesale real estate using them.


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How to Use Realtors to Wholesale Houses | Flip Houses Using Real Estate Agents – –

There are a lot of ways to find deals from bandit signs, direct mail, websites and yes even Realtors. In this video I will share with you what’s needed to wholesale properties that are listed with Realtors.

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  1. you are so great! just really dig u, ur so upfront, keepin it real, every video is so easy to understand no confusion I'm gonna subscribe right now I'm sold cuz again every video answers my questions with no difficulty other videos I'm left aggravated, discouraged doubtful or saying ha?whats he talking about?alright then let me get to it and learn to be the best I can be thank you

  2. ty i just had a realtor ,bring a buyer to me but she wants to write up her own contract tho, do I use an assignment agreement instead or do I go by her contract?

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