Estate Agents Tips: Which Real Estate Broker should I work for?

Estate Agents Tip: Which Real Estate Broker should I work for?

You passed your real estate exam! Now you need to hang your license with a real estate broker.
Which one do you go to? Take a listen as I lis 15 things to keep in mind as you interview brokers to start your real estate career.
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1 – Commission split 1:00
2 – Internet presence 2:01
3 – Fees 3:33
4 – Brokerage size 3:57
5 – Facilities 7:00
6 – Location 7:27
7 – Training 7:52
8 – Mentor program 9:02
9 – Management support 9:45
10 – Administrative support 10:37
11 – Culture 11:13
12 – Specialties 12:23
13 – Broker’s reputation 12:48
14 – Referrals and leads 13:24
15 – Joining a team 14:33

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31 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Which Real Estate Broker should I work for?

  1. i'm confused. will any broker take you on as a new real estate agent or do they choose to bring you aboard? can you pass the exam and have your license but have difficulty finding a broker who will work with you?

  2. Thank you Joe for all your free video on YouTube , you have a grate courses too, I bought them , and they worth every penny.Just pass my exam, and now watching all your videos for new agents, very helpful. Thanks again

  3. I just passed mine for New York, I’m looking for a brokerage those are done good questions, any body here work with brokerage in New York. I have an interview next Monday at 1:00pm

  4. 1. Commission Split
    2. Internet Presence
    3. Fees
    4. Brokerage Size
    5. Facilities
    6. Location
    7. Training
    8. Mentor Program
    9. Management Support
    10. Admin. Support
    11. Culture
    12. Specialties
    13. Reputation
    14. Referrals & Leads
    15. Joining a Team

  5. Hey Joe just wanted to let you know I watched all your videos and ended up signing up for and passed the state exam in GEORGIA!!! Thank you! I know I wouldn't have done it without you!!!!!!!

  6. May i call you Joe,i have never sent anyone a subscription but i found your information so realistic in words and in sound that i really have to say GREAT JOB in explaining this subject.Again,thank you and much respect from a future and continous viewer.

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