Estate Agents Tips: Tips and Advice Every New Real Estate Agent Needs to Know | #TomFerryShow

Estate Agents Tip: Tips and Advice Every New Real Estate Agent Needs to Know | #TomFerryShow

This is a special show with success tips for new real estate agents who have been in the business for less than five years.

Today I’m featuring two highly successful agents both revealing their stories, their tips, their regrets, the mistakes they made.

All in the name of sharing their best advice for new agents.

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The #TomFerryShow is here to help real estate professionals stay ahead of the curve to always be innovating, changing, adjusting, staying as relevant as possible with the very best tools, the right-now strategies, and the things that are working today for rock star agents!

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43 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Tips and Advice Every New Real Estate Agent Needs to Know | #TomFerryShow

  1. Tom Ferry when you ask them a question, let them answer the Goddamn question and stop fucking interrupting!!!! Putting your 2 cents in to everything. Might as well make a video by yourself if you’re gonna keep jumping in. Jesus.. smfh

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  3. Love this video…I could listen to you three together all day! Three different styles that play off each other very well. New agent here and this video is my favorite motivational drip to start my morning. Passion, genuineness, and class.

    Thanks again … all three of you!

  4. How do we get in touch with the owner in expired listing ? Before we have white pages but now we don’t have white pages so how do we search up owners phone number? Any idea? Please help?

  5. This dude on the left sounds and looks like CEO wanna be person, if you don’t know how to smile then this industry isn’t for you. I liked her tho! Smile smile and smile.

  6. Hey so i went through this as well when i was younger and I had to learn the hard way. Although i was able to find tools that helped me do over $1,000,000 in sales my first year and I was really young too. As of now I use to find all my off market seller listings. I only pay $97/month for it but it literally is the source of all my listings.

  7. Just getting started in real estate and this is a huge help! Deciding between getting my real estate license or just investing, need to do more research. This video was a huge help and found this other free training for anyone interested in investing:

  8. Step 1: getting a coach
    Step 2: learn
    Step 3: be consistent (9 months)
    Step 5: identify leads
    Step 6: manage your earnings
    Step 7: be genuine

    All out of those steps requires
    #1- business mindset (not a hobby)
    #2- identifying leads
    #3- passion
    #4- control schedule (design your business, control your life)
    #5- confidence
    #6- business plan
    #7- develop your skill by
    * role play (observe good responds from good broker, make a real estate script)
    bag of tricks

    75% fail for the first year, why?
    #1- cheesy lines in listing presentation
    -Refer tips #3
    -Refer tips #7
    -video presentation that you yourself psyched/fired up, good indication that your client might felt the same excitement

    Thats what i can list, if anything left out, do comment down below

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