Estate Agents Tips: the ULTIMATE Open House for Real Estate Agents by JOSH SNYDER

Estate Agents Tip: the ULTIMATE Open House for Real Estate Agents by JOSH SNYDER

Hey Guys, Josh Snyder here. I wanted to post a video on how to create a high-traffic open house. These tips will help you convert leads into buyers and gets ink on your contract for your seller. I hope you guys can take some tid bits from my style and also would like if you could comment on what you do differently. ** Also shoutout to my camera man Gil for not letting me know my tie bar was crooked πŸ˜‰ Thanks buddy!

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31 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: the ULTIMATE Open House for Real Estate Agents by JOSH SNYDER

  1. Here is one tip I have found for open houses, instead of having guests remove their shoes at your next open house.. just simply put out some disposable shoe covers on the front porch (Keeps owners happy and makes it less awkward for the Guests).. one place you can get those are here ..

  2. Great video. I love that you filled out the contract. It is my opinion that if you are giving a tour, be careful going upstairs or down into basements with someone. You do not want to give them a chance to get you in an area you can’t get out of. Also, know your exits.

  3. What do I print from the MLS for prospects ? Customer full ? Customer short? And what about when you email them a listing ? Will it automatically leave out everything they are not supposed to see?

  4. Hey Josh, Firstly, I loved the video, great tips. I am starting to do open houses and want to make it a regular thing. About what is the ratio of open houses to new clients for someone at your level? (People who buy or list within a week after an open house)

  5. Hey man I'm 17 right now and I am really starting to fall in love with real estate. I love the way you explain everything and how passionate you are. I turn 18 on the 24th of this month and I want to get started as fast as I could. I have a couple questions about the Arizona state test and the way you do things because I see you talked about Scottsdale and I also live in Arizona so I was just wondering if you can respond to this with your email and if you do it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  6. This video was super helpful! I just did open houses this weekend and I knew I wasn't being proactive enough. I'm going to have to really study the property beforehand and control the situation instead of letting people just walk in and walk around.

  7. Videos like these are especially helpful for newbies like me. Planning on doing my first open house soon and I love seeing different people's perspective on a certain approach. I learned a lot. Thanks!

  8. Josh here's a quick tip I learned from a former real estate salesman and now top sales trainer Tommy Hopkins. He says people hate to sign contracts so instead of using the term purchase contract why not say purchase agreement. Never tell people to sign anything but rather have them okay the paperwork. These terms are less intimidating.

  9. this is some powerful info for my Junker/fixer upper houses that I'm wholesaling. I think he needs to do one of these on junker/fixer upper houses when wholesaling housezs as well ASAP. Keep up the great work

  10. You are like the younger male version of me! I thought I was the only one who filled out a contract prior…. The Power of Positive Thinking… This was an awesome A-Z coverage. I'm teaching an Open House Class here at Keller Williams Reno (IT will be my third time teaching it) and I'm super excited to see some similarities to mine. I like that you immediately send them leads via the MLS. I will have to be sure to acquire WiFi Access more often.

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