Estate Agents Tips: The Truth About Real Estate Agents: Freakonomics Movie

Estate Agents Tip: The Truth About Real Estate Agents: Freakonomics Movie

An animated feature of Levitt’s research on real estate agents, and how their incentives can really cost you.

Clip from the 2010 documentary “Freakonomics: The Movie”. A dream team of directors explore the hidden side of everything.

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7 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: The Truth About Real Estate Agents: Freakonomics Movie

  1. Wait, I'm no real estate specialist but isn't the agent commision based on the total value, rather than just on that weird subjective U$10k ? It doesn't change the fact that small sales give agents smaller gains (often way too small, as you pictured) and so they'll have smaller personal financial interest in them, indeed.

  2. To throw all real estate agents into the same barrel like that is like saying all economists are boring and could never write a book that appeals to the masses.

    There are agents out there who are building their reputations based on getting the best price possible for their clients properties and who actually care about them.

    And to say that leaving a property on the market longer get's you a better price shows you have no understanding of the strategy you can employ to generate competition among buyers while the property is fresh.

    Every day your property is left unsold on the market it is going down in perceived value, not up.

    There are so many more factors involved than your simple presentation of good ol' "statistics".

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