Estate Agents Tips: The Top Ten Reasons Real Estate Agents Fail

Estate Agents Tip: The Top Ten Reasons Real Estate Agents Fail

There are many reasons why real estate agents fail in the business. However, if you work hard and have a plan it is not hard to be a great agent. I am an agent and investors. I also have a real estate team. There are many things that real estate agents can do to be successful, but it does not take a rocket scientist.

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18 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: The Top Ten Reasons Real Estate Agents Fail

  1. Most people become agents cause they can't find a real job or they've just been fired from their job. With all the work and hours required of agents just to make 40k adds up to minimum wage or LESS! Real Estate agents will become the new Travel Agents in the next 10 years and fall victim to Technology.

  2. Hello Mark , thank you for sharing your knowledge , you said real estate agents will not have to pay government income taxes ? I am a newbie ,almost at then end of my 1 year studies in Real Estate [ in Canada we have to follow strict regulation and a exam to get real estate agent diploma , plus a big yearly fees for renewal of the Permit and more expenses ] …. i think in USA there are any tough regulations or passing the exam of the regulators ?

  3. Very helpful! Thank you for this video, Mark!
    Not calling back is also very common for lawyers. I am on a hunt for a lawyer right now and so far only one out of 5 or 6 I've called answered the phone. The rest never picked up, and obviously never called back after I left a voicemail. It's like if they didn't want to have a job. And I never went into detail about my case, so they had no idea how much or how little they were missing. I think it just screams unprofessionalism. No wonder that one law firm that answered their phone got the best reviews and the best ratings in town.

  4. Woooooooow! I have been searching for insights such these over the internet for the past 3 months and this is the first time I feel to trust on someone I personally don't know (with all honesty). I truly feel that you absolutely understand the dilemma of a starting Real Estate Professional. I am totally glad that I was able to come across with your post. Great points. Really really really helped me a lot being a starting up Real Estate Broker. Thank you so much Mark. I am about to check out your blogs as well after posting this comment. Great job!!! Looking forward for more videos and points from you.


    Tito Daiz Jr, Real Estate Broker – Philippines

  5. Great video! I'm starting real estate school this July and it has given me a great insight as to what to expect. Definitely loved every piece of advice you had to offer. Especially the last one!

  6. Hello I have signed up to take classes to be agent plus I am starting my business of flipping houses and gaining rental properties. Do you think this a good idea?

  7. Your videos are so helpful. Happy I came across your channel… Transfer to Texas! Lol your employees are very lucky to have you as a mentor

  8. That was absolutely awesome…. I have begin to save so that in itself lets me know that I am on track….. will be checking your blog for sure thanks.

  9. Hey Mark good Sunday to you, i am in Denver and am looking to get my real estate license. I would like to do class room courses, do you have any suggestions as far as where or who to take classroom courses with? thanks!

  10. Awesome video Mark.  Keep them coming please.  What would you suggest for someone who works for a major oil company, makes over 100k/yr., but is super interested in real estate.  Where would you suggest one gets "training" from on real estate so one can switch career paths?

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