Estate Agents Tips: The Man Selling Billions In Real Estate | Forbes

Estate Agents Tip: The Man Selling Billions In Real Estate | Forbes

Coldwell Banker’s top agent in the world shares his secrets to success.

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30 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: The Man Selling Billions In Real Estate | Forbes

  1. Real Estate work is hard building relationships is not easy. You dont get paid until the end. And then keep up. He is humble and authentic

  2. You all make the most idiotic excuses. Stop with the crying and go make things happen. Go for it and kill it. Only you can make things happen. That's for all those people who try to say he was rich and that's why he is successful. How about you go out and make connections and socialize and stop being victims

  3. They begin the interview with him saying he's a friend of one of the world's most famous and highly sought after photographers! Duh! Richard Geer was his first client!! Why was this even made??

  4. My professor said, "Wherever you've been in the world, what's important is the kind of person you are." She meant our integrity matters. It's always stuck with me. But my God taught me "it's good to be a nice person/a person of integrity. It's better if we become the person He's created us to be. But what's most important and best is for us to be a part of God's family." He gave it for free and all we have to do is to repent our sins, trust Jesus and accept Him as our personal Lord, and Savior. He is the eternal salvation.

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