Estate Agents Tips: The Do's and Don'ts for New Real Estate Agents | #OfficeHours 05

Estate Agents Tip: The Do's and Don'ts for New Real Estate Agents | #OfficeHours 05

If you are new to the real estate business, make sure to tune in for this episode because we are going to continue to bring you massive value by helping you get your career started out the right way.

In the Do’s and Don’ts for New Real Estate Agents, we are going to focus on some of the most common mistakes that people new to the industry make and why it hurts them massively in the long run. We are going to discuss what I call “tanking talk,” and also the idea of being new is not a hurdle to success but an opportunity!

You do not want to miss this episode of #OfficeHours  even if you are not new to the real estate game!

Chris Donaldson is a real estate trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, and real estate agent just like you. Starting into the real estate business in college, he quickly transitioned and became one of the youngest certified real estate instructors ever. Now as the CEO of Donaldson Educational Services his daily mission is to make YOUR life and career better.

#OfficeHours is a way of giving back for Chris, to offer value to you and a solid home on the internet where you can find actionable and reasonable real estate and business advice. Where else can you find a LIVE Q&A show and have your specific questions answered?! This show is for you.

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11 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: The Do's and Don'ts for New Real Estate Agents | #OfficeHours 05

  1. Chris, as a newer agent I do a lot of social media post. Some of those are marketing my listings and open houses. I want to be in compliance do you have an agent I can research, or an example of social media compliance? I have the LREC rules but I'm still lost.

  2. Hello Chris I just passed my exam last Tuesday and I wanted to thank you because from the very beginning I started watching your videos and helped me immensely. For anyone try to pass the test please watch a video on my channel dedicated to extra tips to help you pass the test. Good luck to all

  3. Hi Chris, I'm a new subscriber. So far, I'm loving your video. Currently taking the course in CA. Hoping to have my license by January. A question of concern that I'd like to ask. As a real estate agent, you’re vulnerable to safety issues. Are there any steps (Do’s/Don’ts) that an agent can take to protect themselves from possible dangers? Is this a topic you can discuss further in another video?

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