Estate Agents Tips: Terrible Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents

Estate Agents Tip: Terrible Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents

Terrible Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents

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43 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Terrible Pictures Taken By Real Estate Agents

  1. you haven't seen the private estate renting yet… pics full of furniture, nicely decorated: you come into an empty 2-room garage-has been with fungus in the fridge. happened some days ago.

  2. The one at the 57 second mark CLEARLY has an awesome orb, in motion in the shot to the right by the hallway! COOL! I have MANY pics and some videos w/these type of spirits in them!

  3. 0:51 That looks rather nice — provided it isn't too hard to retrieve things from those built-in cupboards.
    1:36 What's the problem? If that's an estate agent's picture, it'd be plausible even with no furniture. Like 4:30. Sometimes the previous owners move out before putting their house on the market.
    3:00 Notice more furniture on the bottom.

  4. So we've resorted to literally just MAKING UP premises, and then inserting totally random pictures with appropriate captions? That's a lazy and shameless way to be getting viewers ;).

  5. There's a little rule known as Truth in advertising. in my opinion, these pictures are describing exactly what you'll be greeted by upon arrival. unless you appreciate being lied to.

  6. if you are a realtor, why avoid taking the pictures of the big elephant in the room even if it is purple?….To do so would mean the realtor would need to waste time over & over turning up to show a property to buyers who would not buy it because of those obvious problems…It is not as if you can hang a lamp shade over these things! If the potential buyer still shows interest with the bad issues shown then they are at least willing to negotiate…

  7. Some of those houses I would call the fire department to ask if they wanted to do a practice house burning … I have heard they will do that to be able to understand fires with in homes better…

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