Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Tips for New Agents – Guide to MASSIVE Success

Estate Agents Tip: Real Estate Tips for New Agents – Guide to MASSIVE Success

Real Estate tips for new agents or any agent looking for a massive boost in their business. This series will definitely give you tools you can implement immediately to start making more money and get more business. – website for products and Modern Success – for those interested in joining eXp Realty

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45 thoughts on “Estate Agents Tips: Real Estate Tips for New Agents – Guide to MASSIVE Success

  1. In a vouple months i will have enough money to get started on my realtors liscense. I don't quite know what your talking about but hearing "master the scripts" is enough for me to dominate these 'scripts' when i find them.

  2. This is great information! I just found your channel. Where can I find effective scripts? I am very new to real estate and have been invited to attend a class at Keller Williams next week as they train new agents, and hope to start RE school next month.

  3. What does it mean to be "great communicaters" sounds stupid but I'm serious. There's some people who barely speak English and get listings successfully. So what does it mean to be a great communicater?

  4. Thank you for sharing, you have a gift as a teacher; i love how well you can express your thoughts. i hope to hear from you since i have a few questions about this video and not to mention i would like to replicate what you have done when i begin my career. So, what else did you need to invest that cost you so much money if you learned and mastered the dialogue scripts? you mention investing in yourself is the second part. did you do this before you got your license or where you working already? what exactly were the invesments. Also, you mention somewhere that you have a team under you. did you acquire help right away or is that because your volume increased? what do they heko you with? do you pay them from your pocket? Lastly, which brokerage would you recommend that invest heavily in sales training? I'm sorry for the paragraph. Hope to hear from you!

  5. Hey Bryan, I'm 14 years old and I'm already looking far ahead into my future, My passion is making money all together, I don't care about the job because I'm willing to do anything. Right now I'm studying Real Estate and email marketing and strive to some day have the life you do.

  6. BC with all of the training and advice that you give I can't see anyone not being successful especially a rookie I'm hoping to be a rookie agent in the next 60 days thank God finally lol

  7. BC thanks for these videos! im currently working at a Corporate American Job and i like it. But my mind and heart are in real estate sales. Your tips and videos are helping me make the jump doing what i know i want to do! thanks for all you do!

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